10 Benefits of using an event app for a science conference

10 Benefits of using an event app for science conference - Meeting Application

Event apps have become a must-have for IT conferences, marketing events and trade fairs. However, not many organizers are aware that an event app can also be successfully used during a science conference. In this article I will list 10 different benefits of having a conference app at your science conference.

If you’re a conference organizer and are considering an app for your science conference this article will help you make your decision.

1. Finally get rid of paper & become more eco-friendly

A comprehensive conference app allows you to completely abandon printed materials during your science conference. You don’t have to print out the agenda, hand out catalogues or conference programmes any longer, since all of that data can be accessed by your guests through their conference app. It’s not only convenient, but also good for the planet.

2. Manage your agenda (easily)

Having a conference app not only allows you to abandon paper-based materials it also opens you to a whole new world of exciting possibilities. With an interactive agenda your attendees can filter the sessions to find what they really need. They can also create their very own personal calendar which will automatically send them a reminder before a certain session begins. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about any last minute changes in the schedule, the app will keep your guests updated at all times.

3. Handle all of the questions

You don’t need a second microphone to pass around the conference room. This chaotic and inconvenient procedure is easy to avoid as your attendees can now post their questions directly in the app – making the communication much easier. With the built-in voting system, the moderator’s job of choosing the best questions can be done without any effort.

4. Help your guests get around

Getting from the airport to your conference center might be really difficult, especially for your international guests who don’t know the local language and are unable to read out the addresses you’ve given them. Create a custom Google Map and add all of the relevant points of interest e.g. your venue, accommodation, recommended restaurants and nearest ATMs. Your guests can use this map to navigate if they rent a car or show it to a taxi driver to make sure they get to the right place.

5. Inform your delegates with PUSH notifications

A conference app allows you to reach instantly all of your attendees whenever you need to make an important announcement. Sending out a PUSH notification ensures that 100% of your attendees are informed, no matter how big the conference. It’s a great way to welcome your guests to the event, highlight key sessions or announce changes in the schedule.

6. Present Abstracts

Managing Abstracts may be quite challenge – collecting them, processing peer-review and publishing takes a huge chunk of every organizer’s limited time. A conference app with a dedicated Abstracts module grants easy access to all of the abstracts and their authors. Your guests can also get back to those abstracts even after the conference ends.

7. Post surveys & get more feedback

If you’re organizing the same science conference regularly, you always want the current year’s edition to be better than the previous one. To sustain this quality management process you need to know how your conference is perceived by your attendees. And like with all scientific data, the bigger the sample the better. Managing, preparing, collecting and checking paper surveys takes an awful lot of time especially with bigger conferences. Creating a survey within the app, not only takes away the pain of checking it manually, but also results in greater number of completed forms.

#Pro tip: To increase the survey response rate send out a PUSH notification to your attendees urging them to fill out the surveys you’ve created. That way they can’t miss them.

8. Keep up the discussion

Your conference app can provide a comfortable environment for academic discussion. Create thematic chat rooms and allow the experts from a given field to share their ideas. Use the built-in messaging system to allow your users to directly contact the fellow members of the academe they want to reach.

9. Attract more sponsors

Science conferences, usually run on a tight budget and getting an event app is the last thing they are going to consider since they do not see it as a necessity, and perhaps they don’t need to. They can however try to see it as a opportunity which they can sell to their sponsors to get more funding. Eventually, the organizers may end up with more funds while having a conference app rather than not having it.

#Pro tip: Check out our post 15 Creative Sponsorship Ideas

10. Build a lasting community (even after your event)

When you’re using a conference app your event is not bound by time, and the discussions started at your science conference can continue long after it has ended. Not the mention the direct access to other attendees through a private messaging module. A lost business card is no longer a problem. You can also stay in touch with your guests and send them PUSH notifications for example informing about the publication of your conference papers or the next edition of your science conference.

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