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If your job swirls around events you should go over this post. We have prepared a collection of must-read books devoted to the event industry. These titles will expand your knowledge on the meeting planning and management. You must get them!

It was not easy to select only 10 books. There are so many titles written by leading figures from the industry. Last years resonated with new books. All of them are very attractive to event managers. Our must-read book list includes titles whose authors have been associated closely with this branch. They all have lots of experience to share.

What is more, these books are characterized by a multi-faceted look at the various issues related to events.

Therefore, to improve your company’s meetings and your own event marketing skills, you should definitely check out these books. You will find many valuable tips and learn how to make use of them.

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Let’s get started then:

1. Into the Heart of Meetings: Basic Principles of Meeting Design by Mike van der Vijver and Eric de Groot

As we can read in the summary: “It is a book about the essential processes that take place during meetings and how to influence these processes through Meeting Design in order to obtain the best outcomes. Into the Heart of Meetings is the first book ever about Meeting Design, a new profession that has taken shape over the past 10 years but that is still far from mature.” Moreover, the authors describe the main problems faced by people in this industry. They also introduce the main principles that underlie such profession. The book is very popular, as evidenced by the positive comments of people who have read it:

“The book combines a theoretical framework with a great many examples and practical tools. As a result, it is not only useful for professionals in the Meetings Industry, but also for managers and consultants who use meetings as a means to achieve their goals.”

cimunity.com, German

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2. Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide by Meegan Jones

This is the second edition of the popular book, written by Meegan Jones. She is an event professional, trainer, consultant, and writer. Her works focus on developing sustainable management solutions for live events. “Written by a leader in the field, this book is a practical, step-by-step guide taking readers through the key aspects of how to identify, evaluate and manage event sustainability issues and impacts – for events of any style and scale, anywhere in the world (…)”

This book offers many tested methods. It includes examples and case studies from around the world, such as festivals in Portugal, the USA, Germany, and the UK. Readers are provided with checklist tools for measuring performance. As you can read in the comments about the book, Meegan’s passion for sustainability is evident in every word. We think that this is a very valuable reference for the event industry throughout the world.

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3. Event Management for Dummies by Laura Capell

Whether you are taking your first steps into the industry or just need some pointers, this book is definitely for you. When you open the book, you will find important information for anyone who is associated with the event industry, including budgeting; creating strategy; managing guests and target audience; promoting and marketing events; choosing venues; planning travel logistics and catering; providing entertainment; ensuring security and safety; applying for permissions and investing in insurance. Moreover, Capell provides tips on building a career in the event business.

A reader states, “This book makes for a fantastic read. Whilst it is thorough enough to give real insight and guidance to those who work in event management, it is jargon-free and easy to understand.”

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4. Meeting Architecture, a Manifesto (Volume 1) by Maarten Jan Vedastus Vanneste, CMM

It is an award-winning book and manifesto for the discipline of Meeting Architecture. As a result, this has to be included in this list. The author describes essential tools and the best methods to organize effective meetings and conferences. If you want to be a successful planner, reading this book is crucial. I enclose a summary of the book. It gives you some insights: “The tools for Meeting Support are CHATTY: Conceptual, Human, Art, Technical, Technology and there are more than 1,000 tools most of which are unknown to the industry.”

So if you are curious about the direction of the event industry, you must read this book!

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5. Planning and Management of Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions by George G. Fenich, Ph.D.

Fenich has published a new book. He is a well-known author that writes about the event and meeting industry. In our opinion, this is one of the most recent must-haves for the event planners. The title covers a wide range of topics related to this industry with a primarily practical approach. It can be a source of knowledge not only for students, but also for staff undergoing training in this field. This one phrase encapsulates this book: “Current, concise, and insightful-a Modern Guide to planning successful events.”

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6. Winning Meetings and Events for Your Venue by Rob Davidson and Anthony Hyde

This book was written by two British professionals in the meeting industry. Their work is devoted to increasing the number of business meetings and events for venue managers. What does the book offer to its readers? It is a guide on key sales tools and techniques, such as face-to-face selling, negotiation skills, and social media. There are also some case studies on innovative ideas developed by venues of all sizes. This set of advice from experienced sales people and marketing specialists proves invaluable.

This is a must-have book in your collection!

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7. The Business of Events Management by John Beech, Sebastian Kaiser and Robert Kaspar

Every event manager knows how complex is the event management business. This book was written by a group of experts in this area and helps you understand all aspects of managing events. You can also learn how to create a wide range of meetings. The work presents the latest trends including the key theories, concepts, and models. They are supported by a wide range of case studies. It is worth mentioning that these examples accomodate the Olympic Winter Games, the European Capitals of Culture, and many more.

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8. Special Events: Creating and Sustaining a New World for Celebration (The Wiley Event Management Series) by Joe Goldblatt

The book’s author is the current executive director of the International Center for the Study of Planned Events and a full professor at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The title offers a unique look at the industry.  It presents real case studies on the 21st-century event management and depicts inspiring event leaders. That is why, it outclasses similar books.

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9. Research Methods for Arts and Event Management by A.J. Veal and Christine Burton

This work is enlisted here due to its very promising content and gist. Check out this compelling and comprehensive guide on research methods for undergraduate and postgraduate students in arts and event management. It is also worth studying if you are a manager in the arts, culture and the event industries.

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10. Event Planning Tips: The Straight Scoop on How to Run a Successful Event (Event Planning Business, Event Planning Guide, Event Planning Management)

The last book on our list is written for those who do not enjoy reading. It is the best choice if you want to get a few simple tips on planning events in a nutshell. It can also be viewed as a short introduction to and review of the fundamental concepts in this field.

You will learn what makes an ideal event manager, what is the effective event management, how to plan and market your event and how to handle pre-event preparations.

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As you can see, the number of books aimed at people in the event industry is significant. In our opinion, sitting down and reading even one of these books will reward you with a dose of fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge. If you are short of time, we encourage you to follow our blog. How about our recent post on tech solutions that help you overcome typical event issues?

Let us know what books would you recommend? Feel free to comment and share some titles.

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