Event Planners – 19 Things That Thrill them.

Event planners, there are a number of simple things that get them overexcited. Here are 19 things which are irresistible to event professionals, but which others outside the industry may not understand or appreciate.

Sometimes the simplest of things can evoke disproportionate joy. Many of these items are inexpensive and commonplace but to a professional event planner they can mean or be worth so much more.

Here are some of the things guaranteed to make me happy (and I don’t think I am alone!).


Whether you like paper or electronic lists this is often an essential part of an event planners daily life. Obsession, necessity or comfort, the real thrill however really comes from crossing (or striking or ticking or swiping) items from your list.



Post It Notes

So simple, and so effective, how can these little blocks of fluorescent paper fail to bring cheer? Whether you are using them to take telephone messages, brainstorm your meeting design or as part of an event workshop session they add brightness to every situation.

Knowing You’ve Nailed It

The biggest (and most addictive) thrill for any event planner is witnessing people having a good time or benefitting because of something you have created. Looking around and seeing this first hand is a great feeling and hard to beat.

Fitness Trackers

On site visits, walk throughs and event days you will smash your step count. There is nothing like being top of the leader board and boasting a crazy amount of steps to make you feel smug! Of course on those days that you work from home and don’t leave the house it is the opposite story, but let’s not mention that.


Whether you are using them to replace your ring binder, as a check in the device, or to moderate social media or audience responses, tablets have quickly became an essential touchscreen toy for every modern event professional. Tablets are particularly thrilling for those that remember a time before the invention, which gives a deeper appreciation of the mighty tablet device.

Mobile Phones

Phone calls, camera, emails, event apps, to do lists, text/Whats App, social media, alarms, calendar, reminders, Google… With mobile phones being so indispensable most eventprofs choose their device with great care and upgrade their phone model regularly. Okay, so you may want to check it out of the window sometimes when it seems to ring, vibrate and alert you relentlessly, but generally, it is a marvel and never leaves your side.


No event manager will be without a Sharpie, or three, on event days. Essential in black but often coveted in various rainbow colors too they are great for last-minute signage, notes, autographs or badge updates.


The joy that well matched and robust event technology can bring to all event stakeholders is tangible. And the spike in engagement and real-time data is a marvel.

Handwritten Notes

In this digital world nothing really beats handwriting to capture attention. The time, care and personality of the lettering communicates the sentiment behind it in a way that an email or electronic message never could. Receiving a handwritten note will only become rarer and even greater to treasure as time goes by.

USB Sticks

USB sticks remain the fastest way to transfer updated presentations, graphics and files between computers on show days. Nano storage devices with huge storage capacity and fast transfer are thrilling simply for helping us to be efficient under pressure.

Top Feedback

Your event and event management scoring top marks in the event feedback is always a welcome pat on the back for all of your hard work. You know you have done a good job but having that reassurance and seal of approval makes the hard work more worth it somehow.

Brainstorming Sessions

Whether it is a personal, team or event brainstorming session the thrill and opportunity of creating new solutions and ideas is irresistible. Even more so of course if post-it notes and sharpies are involved!

Good, Free, Reliable WiFi

This is now a life essential for every event planner. Having WiFi fail really does feel like the end of the world and fast, free WiFi is always appreciated and valued. Unbelievably though it still seems a long way from this being standard. If there are no WiFi issues at your event and the speed of the connection is good it is truly a good day in the world of the event planner.

Comfortable Shoes

Once you find a shoe or brand that is super comfortable and stylish too event planners will be a customer for life. Whether you are male or female, when you spend so long on your feet a winning footwear combination is a thrilling thing.

Industry Perks

Free event admission, hotel stays, food, gifts, leftover goodies from goodie bags, fam trips, suite upgrades, discounts and being “in the know” can be perks to make every eventprof glad.


Event planners like efficiency and gadgets often make us more efficient. Enough said.

Low No Show Rate

Things happen, so a low no-show rate seems to be a seal of approval for your event. Few dropouts are confirmation that your event marketing and messaging before the event hit the right buttons.

Reliving Your Event Through Social Media

However long your day has been it is always irresistible to cycle through the event social media and pictures and re-live the whole event over again. Sleep suddenly becomes less important to reminiscing over the glory of the event and any small details that you missed.

Surprise Thank Yous

For me, I am not looking for public displays of thankfulness and am quite a content blending into the background and letting others take the glory for the events I plan. I have no desire to be called up on stage for photos and thank yous which add little for the audience and often come at an inconvenient time when you have work to be done behind the scenes. It is however always thrilling and appreciated to receive a surprise thank you from your client or boss after hours.

In Conclusion

The thrills that these simple items provide to event planners are very real but can sometimes be hard to understand for anyone outside of the event manager sphere. What items thrill you? What else would you add to this list?
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