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How can your attendees know what to do, what to expect next on your conference and get the most of your event? When and where the nearest session is? Who will be next prelegent? How they can find proper room? The list of possible questions is really long. But best solution is simple: they need to be up to date.

Modern&innovative:that’s the apps

Taking a closer look at whole phenomenon of technological advances, many people will probably wonder whether it is necessary to create mobile application…or is a website enough. However, the statistics speak for themselves, more and more people use the Internet, from mobile devices.

How social media change events

Facebook comments, Twitter updates, LinkedIn news and You Tube videos – they all strongly impact on an event or company’s popularity. It’s social media power. They can totally change opinions and reviews of an event: significantly increase its value or dramatically decrease it. That is why we should use social media carefully. Many companies are still have to learn what works best for their company’s image, event organizing and their consumers and attendees. We believe you know how social media can influence your business. No matter whether you know it or not, take a moment to read a handful of significant information and tips. Use them for free Facebook -It is free and most popular way to communicate, also during […]

4 why's of winning on conference

I could start with the infamous phrase that made the whole world laugh for a little while: “Duh? Winning!”. It’s quite stupid, I know… But the question is, why Charlie Sheen was so desperate to show the whole world that he was winning even when we all knew, that he was in a bad situation? That’s because we generally love winners.

9 advantages of conference and event apps

You already know how to make your event mobile. Now read about certain elements you can show your participants via application. They will be grateful for all that will make their participation in your conference more intuitive and interesting. Mobile conference apps can make wonders!

Involve sponsors in your event

In today’s world you practically can’t make a good event without a sponsor or couple of them (sometimes a hundred). Unless you inherited some great fortune and sleep on money. But if you’re a regular, normal person with a great idea for a conference or other event, sponsorship is the way to go.

Why and how to use stats in apps

Mathematics is the queen of all science! Heard that million times in school? It is a powerful area of science. It can tell you very many things about people and phenomena around you. If you make the correct calculations math will tell you how big is your chance of being hit by a lightening on a empty field while using your mobile conference application ;))

Make the best of time in the app!

As a conscientious event organiser you would probably want to make sure that you do not waste any minute of the precious time you have assigned to your event. You may go out of your way and produce countless papers, leaflets, folders, catalogs and brochures and so on…

Award with the PUSH notifications

As organizers of various types of events or conferences you certainly know how important it is to reward the participants and the audience. Thus, the question remains how to inform them about the winning during your event. How make it most effectively? Use of the phone and an application that supports push notifications seems to be great idea!

Show your mobile app everywhere!

As a well-organized person, you probably know that it’s not enough to have a product or skill in order to be successful. If you want to invite guests to the meeting you’re organizing and you want them to be aware of the state-of-the-art technology you are using, you will have to distribute the information of the mobile application somehow in order to promote it.

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