Sports App for Basketball fans

The summer season is coming, therefore more and more of our thoughts occupies sport and physical activity. This time, let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular team sports in the world – basketball. Sport activities and Mobile Apps go hand in hand. Certainly in our recent implementation- application for WKS Slask Basketball.

On the way to WA- Woodstock App

Woodstock is one of the biggest European music festival that takes place every August. This great, lasting from 20 years event, gathers fans of many different music, poetry and art genres. Participants can spend unforgettable or even magic moments in the picturesque suburbs of polish little town – Kostrzyn.

Mobile app for African festival

This one is one not to be missed! Harare International Carnival, whose main objective is joining different ethnic groups in Zimbabwe will take place in the second part of May in Harare. About a million people from 15 countries did celebrate this spectacular event last year. This year the event promises to be even bigger.

3C golden rule in the mobile live

Why C? And what all these Cs means? It really couldn’t be just a few accidentally chosen words from English language dictionary, as it’s the topic of this post. While you mix them in one, they become one great success factor. The rule seems to be real in every part of human existence, inventions, technology, mobile apps world.