5 best public relations tools

The creation of a good relationship with customers and a positive image of your company is a continuous and sometimes a long process. Without good PR, it is very difficult to draw the attention of the target audience. Once you get it, you need tools that will keep it at the highest level, and this level should be permanently monitored.

Choose a hotel in 6 steps!

An interesting program and good organization are undoubtedly factors that affect the success of a conference. However, choosing the right place to host your event has a profound effect on the course of the meetings. Therefore, it’s worth finding out how and where to do this.

Success on PayPal #BattleHack

Last weekend, there was a highly prestigious programming event that PayPal – the so-called BattleHack. Five people from our team took part in it. We are pleased to announce that four of them returned with the prize. Mateusz Sowa, Łukasz Urbas, Mateusz Młodawski, and Rafał Sobota (pictured in that order) received the prize for best Android integration. We are extremely pleased and incredibly proud of them!

The key to the company’s success

What can you do to make your company successful – the answer seems to be easy…just plan and run an efficient marketing strategy. But in the realization of it, the strategy becomes more and more difficult. Golden tips from marketing specialists, bloggers and journalists for demanding startups are really helpful in planning a strategy for success.

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