Basic knowledge on Event Apps

Mobile event application is application software designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It supports different kind of events (conferences, shows, concerts, exhibitions) in many personal and business areas. Depended on the provider, application can work online or offline. It can be single language (CMS and application in one chosen language) or multi-language (CMS and application in many languages, the user choose preferred one).

Advertising in the Application

New technologies like smartphones and tablets create new opportunities for events or fairs organizers. Now thanks to mobile event apps, sponsors can achieve new space for their adverts. Adverts which will be more effective than the others.

How to Use Networking?

Maybe you ask yourself why networking is so crucial at an event. Maybe you don’t even know how to use it networking to your advantage. For many people, walking into venue and starting a conversation is a little bit complicated.