THE ORIGIN OF STRESS Stress term has been coined in 1949 by a Hungarian physician named Hans Selye. In his first article, he claimed that “Stress in heath and disease is medically, sociologically, and philosophically the most meaningful subject for humanity that I can think of”. Probably that is why he wrote over 1500  articles, 32 books, and trained 40 PhD students on the subject. The story of the whole research is extremely long yet exciting. The researcher had become an expert at making rats suffer for science. He subjected them to extreme temperatures, made them starve for long periods, or forced them to exercise heavily. He figured out that all those tortures caused diseases and ultimately led to the death of […]

Meeting Application Announces a Partnership with Prowly

Meeting Application, a global event app provider, and Prowly, PR and brand journalism software, have started a partnership. Companies that cooperate with us are particular about effective communication with their audiences during events. We believe that they may also be interested in boosting their brands’ awareness on a daily basis. From now on, Meeting Application’s clients will be able to get a 30% discount on all their partner’s product packages. What is Prowly? It is an online platform for PR pros, content marketers and brand journalists designed to streamline their communication efforts and raise awareness of their brands. At the heart of Prowly’s technology is what the company calls a Brand Journal. It enables companies and agencies to put all […]


Tendering for event management is a risky and time-consuming business. You need to start by positioning yourself against other companies. Make some research and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you plan your offer so as to outclass your rivals. You also need to be sure that you have enough staff and experience to manage a given event. It is especially important for a beginner agency to perform in a high-quality manner. As a result it is sometimes best to make two smaller meetings and succeed than challenge yourself with a prestigious yet complex one. The final step is to decide whether a given event bidding is worth it or not.  

How can Pokemon GO change the event industry?

Pokemon GO is turning into a powerful moneymaker pushing the video game maker’s market capitalization above $30 billion. How does it convert into real profit? There are different estimated quotas. According to IGN, Pokemon GO has made more than $14 million across all mobile platforms only week after it has been released. It proves that Niantic Labs’ new smartphone game has become a real craze. Moreover, its popularity is still growing. In this post, I am going to focus on Pokemon GO’s proven and potential influence on the event industry.   photo source  

How to engage audience with the right conference application?

You must have thought about a wise way to measure conference success many times. Is it the earned quota, breathtaking lectures, number of attendees or maybe nice feedback? I do not know what is the best answer. However, I know for sure, it is not just the size, quality or money that matters.  The degree of involvement of the public is crucial. If your attendees are fully engaged, the conference becomes more personal. As a result, people are more likely to come back in future and join your next event. I guess it is very important to you. How can mobile conference application help you achieve your goal?


Hurricane, plane delay, absent speaker, sick staff: you do not have to be pessimistic, to know that everything could possibly go wrong during your conference. It does not matter how good you are in planning. Event problems occur frequently. All you can do is keep breathing and be ready with solutions in case they take place. What are the most helpful tools to deal with conference challenges?  

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