Event Planners – 19 Things That Thrill them.

Event planners, there are a number of simple things that get them overexcited. Here are 19 things which are irresistible to event professionals, but which others outside the industry may not understand or appreciate. Sometimes the simplest of things can evoke disproportionate joy. Many of these items are inexpensive and commonplace but to a professional event planner they can mean or be worth so much more. Here are some of the things guaranteed to make me happy (and I don’t think I am alone!).   Lists Whether you like paper or electronic lists this is often an essential part of an event planners daily life. Obsession, necessity or comfort, the real thrill however really comes from crossing (or striking or […]


One of the most important data to measure your event success is attendance, email marketing might be your best friend in completing this task. The biggest your audience the better. However, there are so many competitive conferences that it is quite a challenge to draw attention specifically to your happening.  

How To Write An Effective To-Do List

To use a to-do list to its full potential you first need to know how to construct one that is going to allow you to meet your goals and targets. Choose your platform – Whether it’s on a tablet, smartphone app, piece of paper or in your calendar, pick the platform that is most suited to you. Many find that physically writing a to-do list down helps to make it more memorable and “real”, whereas others feel that a digital copy is more convenient and easily updated. Either way pick your platform to suit you and stick to it. Consistency – It is not going to happen overnight and sometimes you can forget to look at your list but ensure […]


Picking a name to encompass your whole event can be high pressure, but choosing an epic event name could have attendees talking (and tweeting) about it for years to come. What’s in a name? Branding is an important step during the planning phases and many make the mistake of choosing a name and working their way outwards. What you should do is pick the name, part way through the process after you have thoroughly thought about what your event will include and what you want to get across so that you don’t trap yourself with a name that no longer fits with your vision. Effective branding and the right name can create customer recognition, loyalty and makes marketing much easier, […]


  Each conference demands lots of different event content including infographics, social media posts, videos and other graphic news. It often happens that you have to prepare lots of visual materials on your own. It can be a challenge due to tight deadline, demanding client and lots of cost-effective resources. Are there any free and intuitive tools that can help you prepare event content quickly and in a professional way? This short list should satisfy you even if you are not a tech-savvy person. All of the enlisted tools are free but priceless: 1. Expert quote maker – Recite Posts with quotes are one of the most commonly shared posts. That is why it is good to choose best expert lines and […]