Event apps & registration go together like a horse and carriage

  What are your actions to capture the attention of your audience, build anticipation and boost tickets sales before your event even starts? You may not know that technology not only adds incredible value to event marketing but it can also help to achieve pre-event / on-event / post-event goals. You know you need to get out there… but how? Let’s start with the basics. You don’t really need to let attendees register just yet (although you could) but you do need your own island on the Internet. A website is a good start. No matter which CMS you want to use (be it WordPress, Joomla, or CONREGO Event Website module), your website should be: Responsive – the statistics change […]

How can you keep your attendees engaged after the event? How can you prepare for your next event?

The conference has just come to an end… and you have put so much work/effort in organizing it! So, don’t waste this huge amount of time you’ve spent on your event –  keep in touch with participants and do your homework – because you wanna create better events in the future, right? How you can keep in touch with your attendees? Don’t let attendees forget about your efforts You can do it in many ways, but the easiest ones will be the latest inventions of new mobile technology! Mobile conference apps are powerful tools that inform your participants about news and events even after the conference ends. Materials added by the organizer to content management system (CMS) can be viewed […]