Event Photography – 4 Best Practices

Since antiquity, people have been trying to capture memories by the use of images. We had this instinctive drive to document everyday life and breaking moments. For years many individuals have been trying to simplify this process and make it available to all of us – not only the ones with artistic skills. The first man – Nicéphore Niépce – succeeded in 1820. Nowadays we experience a real revolution in this area. Most of us cannot image life without using cameras. We take and share photos on social media regularly. That is why event photography should be one of your key concerns.  It is all about the human need to catch best moments!


  1. Take care of the lighting and proper venue setting.Make sure the whole hall is under a direct light. Try to avoid lasers, lights streams on the move and point lamps. In addition, it is good to minimize multimedia devices. It is difficult to capture them on photos. If they are required, adjust them so that they do not contrast with the background. Regarding the sitting remember to avoid empty front seats. Moreover, always keep strategic seats for your main guests and experts. Your photographer should be able to track them easily in the crowd.
  2. Hire a professional event photographer.If you do not have an in-house photographer, ask your friends from the industry for referrals. Once you have a shortlist of candidates, collect their portfolios, a technical equipment set, and quotation. This data will definitely minimize the risk of ending up with hundreds of unprofessional images. A good photographer is able to take around 50 great photographs without spamming you with thousands of images looking roughly the same. Last but not least, set your goal before the conference. Explain exactly what and who is the focus at your event. Make a list of most important moments and VIP guests. Make sure your photographer has all necessary materials in order to succeed.
  3. Update official event gallery regularly.Make sure your website and mobile event app have a special place for all your official breathtaking images. Try to react real-time and upload new photos on a regular basis. It should be a ‘live’ gallery. It is a good idea to picture your audience. It may create an additional buzz in the social media. Regarding these communication channels remember to share official images over there as well. Boost interest among your audience by tagging all present individuals you know of. Ask them to share photo posts. As a result, you will increase your outreach.
  4. Let your audience share conference photos and selfies.Remember to include a photo booth on your mobile app function list. There is no better way to engage your audience and make them feel a part of your conference. Let them take selfies and photos plus upload pictures from smartphone's gallery. You can prepare dedicated overlays with event branding and colors. In a perfect scenario, you should provide attendees with the ability to interact and ‘like’ or comment images. This will change regular attendee photos into a collection of event-related personal memories.
I keep my fingers crossed for your event photo galleries.Here are more pro tips for your photographers.
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