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The creation of a good relationship with customers and a positive image of your company is a continuous and sometimes a long process. Without good PR, it is very difficult to draw the attention of the target audience. Once you get it, you need tools that will keep it at the highest level, and this level should be permanently monitored.

Currently, a wide range of public relations tools and techniques is available to communicate effectively with customers, employees, investors, and the community. Remember that you can promote positive attitudes toward your business, which will help change interested consumers into customers.

The best 5 public relations tools available online.

We have compiled for you the five best public relations tools available online. You will find out about their benefits and why you should consider purchasing them. We hope that they will help you to make your online PR skills better than everyone else’s.

1. HubSpotis one of the most well-known PR tools on the market; over 10,000 companies in 56 countries use it. HubSpot was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah to make businesses more attractive and engaging for customers by using inbound marketing.

This software offers:

  • Remarkable content for blogs,
  •  Improvement of quality ranks,
  • Social analytics across all social media,
  • Optimized content for search engines and the opportunity to tailor websites for different visitors,
  • And many other features.

HubSpot helps to create content optimized for search engines and share it on social media. HubSpot also uses landing pages to promote your valuable material and helps your leads to become delighted customers. If you want to try it out, you can try HubSpot for free for 30 days, so you can find out whether it’s worthwhile without risk and with no obligation.

2. PressFriendlyPressfriendly is a startup that helps other startups get press. Their aim is to “… be one of the agents of change for this industry by developing … wonderful software for people who want to get press.” How does this relate to the services they offer? On the company’s home page, we can find the benefits of using their services.

  • What can you gain?

You’ll get advice on phrasing, what to say, how to describe your company to someone unfamiliar with it, and anything else you need from a PR expert. They also increase response rates by improving your pitch. Pressfriendly uses the information you enter in a wizard to build a custom press list. They automatically compare the wizard answers with information on thousands of reporters to determine who is most likely to write a story about your company. What is more interesting is that they find press opportunities that fit your company, browsing recommendations for holidays, editorials, or events that your company is relevant for.

Pressfriendly offers beginners a plan to build and export their pitch for free after signing up. The company offers three different plans that include various features.

3. PRWebis the tool for you if you want to be found by the highest-rated press release services in more places more easily. It’s very easy.

PRWeb assures us that it only takes three steps to succeed:

  • Create your news
  • Distribute your news
  • Track your news

You just write an announcement about your organization, company, event, or meeting, and PRWeb will distribute your news to every major news site and search engine on the Web, getting it in front of consumers and journalists.

This company provides a great overall service, using your news to attract customers. Sign up and choose one of the packages. It’s really worth it. 🙂

4. PR-NewswireWhether you run a large company or a small business, PRNewswire will meet all your expectations in terms of news production and distribution services. As they promise, they make you will look like a PR expert even if you’ve never sent out a news release in your life. Why should you choose this company?

  • They distribute to more than 200,000 media points and 8,000 websites, offering the highest number of ways to reach your audience online and off.
  • They have been trusted for more than 60 years (and they have supported some of the world’s leading organizations, such as Microsoft and Pepsi).
  • Since 2011, they have won more than 20 awards for serving customers with industry-leading professionalism and innovation.

Therefore, let’s see what tools they offer to achieve the customer’s objective. PR Newswire offers mainly services that will enhance standard text releases, such as images, videos, audio, logos, and much more:

  • Adding Images & Video,
  • Creating Branded Landing Pages,
  • Tweet Your Way to Success,
  • Enrich Your Campaigns with Multimedia Content, Strategy & Broadcast Services.

If you’re interested, sign up to get started!

5. Free-Press-ReleaseFree Press Release is a service for people or companies with a limited budget for PR activities. It has almost 800,000 registered users, 2,000,000 and 7,000 press release website partners. This tool will reach your target audience and maximize publicity. Their submission system enables you to submit a professional press release all by yourself. Let’s see how it works.

Free Press Release works in three steps:

  • Create — in this step, you can gain SEO power, build your business’ image, and connect with users.
  • Distribute — here, you reach your target audience, get social attention, and gain vital publicity,
  • Report — here, you can check your achievements, track your performance, and, in the end, make better progress.

Free Press Release and other attractive packages are a huge plus. This option is PR at your fingertips!

The Internet provides a wide range of public relations tools. Their prices and the results are very diverse. Of course, this list could be considerably longer, but we limited ourselves to the most attractive and diverse PR tools for the event industry and companies of varying budgets. Remember that good PR is the key to success. You and your company will become visible on the websites, you will get the opportunity to correspond with the best people in the industry, you can follow them on Twitter, etc. It is worth spending any amount of money to get it. 🙂

P.S. Tell us your opinions on the best PR tools on the Web.

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