5 Traits Every Event Planner Should Develop

5 Traits Every Event Planner Should Develop - Meeting Application

Event management isn’t a job anyone could do. It takes a special kind of person to excel in the dynamic environment. Someone who handles stress well and is ready to put in some extra work. Event planning business requires one to have a combination of certain traits. A successful event manager has to be well-rounded in a number of disciplines. Here are five crucial areas to improve in as an event planner.

As the world around us progresses, pure organizational skills are no longer enough to make a business event a success.
There will always be all the venue infrastructure providers to handle, dates to be met, paperwork to be done, etc., however,
a modern event manager has to take an even broader approach to organizing his meeting.

This means embracing new technologies for the purpose of making the attendance of the event the most seamless and enjoyable experience possible.

And that’s what people expect in 2018. They want to be surprised, entertained, get excited, and engage with you in a novel way.
As an event planner, it’s your job to get with the times, reach out to and connect with your target audience through new channels.

Here are the traits every professional event planner should possess and nurture.

#1 Tech savviness

Now, a lot will depend on how many specialists you have on your team and how tech oriented the people attending your event generally are. Still, you have to be familiar and feel comfortable with new technologies and online marketing trends.

Utilizing tools like mobile devices, virtual and augmented reality, cloud-based event management platforms, marketing automation platforms, as well as mobile apps will help you leave a mark in the attendees’ minds. The extent to which you’ll make the event a memorable experience will rely on your creativity and the budget at hand, but the tech aspect surely is worth investing in.

Obviously, going digital will also facilitate the entire organizational process. You’ll be able to automate and measure many of its aspects, gaining valuable insights in the course of action.

#2 Staying focused

People underestimate the power of focus in their daily lives. Many will say they generally are focused but for how long can they actually stay that way, stay on the job?

With all the tech around and data constantly streaming in, it’s harder than ever to stay on track. On top of that, you’re coordinating a number of tasks at once, whose statuses change by the hour. An event manager has to display exceptional focus despite multiple external stimuli working to distract him.

#3 Analytical mind

There’s a lot going on online before, during, and after the event. Since digitization is only getting more pervasive, you, as an event planner, have access to an unprecedented amount of data and interactions generated by your event attendees. You may want to consider tools for structuring this information.

This means you can monitor various actions such as event registrations, activity within the event app, or social media, and collect this data.

Its worth is determined by how well you can process it and what conclusions can you draw on the base of it. A great event planner will be able to join the dots and use the obtained information to improve his future endeavors.

#4 Stress resistance

Yes, every job is stressful in its own way but there are more and less stressful occupations, and event management is of the former kind.

The thing is the more people and tech are involved, the more probable it becomes that something will go not as planned. As a master event planner, you have to assume there will be unmet deadlines, stuff not delivered, people messing up – the question is how you’re going to handle the situation to come up on top?

#5 Being social

A successful event manager has to thrive in the presence of others. The job you do is about providing a service to the people in the form of a conference or a meeting. Thus, being an extrovert is a boon in this line of work.

When planning and promoting your event, all the networking you’ve done earlier will come in handy. A little charm paired with excellent communication skills will take you far. Ideally, you should strive to build long-term relations with different types of participants. From the foot in the door email, through meeting the person at the event, to staying in touch after it’s over.

Final word

There is a number of core traits every event planner should master. Being successful at the job requires one to follow the latest tech trends, stay focused, have an analytical mind to sift through the data, be resilient to stress, as well as be an extrovert embracing other people.

Mastering these traits will help you shine in the event planning business. The job is for someone who performs well in a dynamic environment with a lot of people involved. It can be taxing at times but also rewarding if your corporate event was a success.

What traits and skills do you think should a great event manager have?

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