The Cambridge dictionary puts a wedding concept in few words stating that it is ‘a marriage ceremony and any celebrations such as a meal or a party that follow it’. Seems like a piece of cake. However, unlike the definition, the planning of this party is not that easy-peasy. In reality, wedding management is a highly wearisome and complicated process. The young couple has to think about hundreds of people and thousands of details including clothes, transport, bridesmaids, best man, hen party, stag night, guests, in-laws, parents, dress, flowers, cakes, food, competitions, venues, band or DJ, decorations and a long-awaited honeymoon. Seems like a really tough work. In the past, you ended up with Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, and lots of Word documents. Is it any different nowadays? I am sure there are some people who still plan their party in an old-fashioned way. However, there are plenty of wedding apps available. They can help you manage your big day more efficiently. I am sure that some of them might match your needs perfectly.

5 WEDDING APPS YOU HAVE TO TEST WHEN PLANNING A WEDDINGAt present, it is possible to use multi-functional user-friendly tools when planning a wedding. Event profs and young couples should try them out. Such tech solutions are often tailored specifically to their needs. As a result, they minimise planning stress and enhance party management. The wedding apps are either free or paid. Some of them have both options available.  WEDDINGWIREThis app is free to use. It contains to-do lists, a date countdown, guest list, wedding website and seating arrangement planner.  This tool is one of the easiest ways to find local wedding venues, cakes, dresses and invitations. It accommodates over 2 million vendor reviews and free personalised planning tools. Users can also go through real wedding photos of other couples. It can be a great source of inspiration. This tool enables you also to connect with other brides and grooms for tips. Another benefit is a list of songs perfectly matching a given moment in the ceremony.weddingwire-vendor-36fcb1b2938684ff9030d1ea613d5b46 COZIThis app is a free shared family calendar.  It keeps everyone's schedules and all your registries in one place. You can plan there all activities including shopping lists, routines, appointments and other to do lists in real time. It is a perfect tool for couples that will organise the event with the help of family members and close friends. In addition, you can access and update it from any mobile device or computer. cozi_app2 MINT BILLSThanks to this app you can save lots of your precious time on paying the bills. With this tool, you can manage your personal finances and pay bills swiftly. You get alerts when bills are due and easily make payments online. It is a safe and secure solution. Mint Bills enables you also to create budgets effortlessly and plan your funds as well. You see how much money you have already spent and what’s left.483636-mint-comZOLAThis app is perfect for keeping your next generation wedding registry. It is an easy-to-use gift management system because young couples have control over shipment and can easily exchange presents.  A bride and a groom are able to create their own fully personalised present registry with photos and write a message to their guests. In addition, if your dream gift is not yet in the system, you can use ‘add’ button on ZOLA’s website and append a given product to the system. This way, you can choose gifts you really want to get.Zola_Logo_new MEETING APPLICATIONThis is a mobile event application that accommodates all wedding information in the size of your guests’ mobiles. Your attendees have an easy access to agenda and guest profiles and venue navigation. They will also be able to communicate with each other on chat channels and send private messages. The organiser can update friends and family via news section. He can upload a table seating arrangement as well. It will minimise the chaos once the dinner starts. Everybody will be able to take and share photos via built-in photo booth. It is a great opportunity to make your wedding more personal and memorable to everyone.ma_horizontalAs you can see some of the wedding applications are focused on simplifying one process while others are rather multi-functional platforms. Most of them are complimentary. I believe that using all of them can make a big day management a positive experience and reduce challenges. These tools are designed to make your life easier. Why don’t you give them a go?

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