Tlingit & Haida

Harsh Alaskan climate. Small local society. Too many paperwork. Two important missions. Sounds like the beginning of an adventure? Check what an amazing story happened to us!

Tlingit & Haida

These mysteriously sounding words are actually the names of Indian tribes living in northern Canada and Alaska. Members of these small (around 3,500 inhabitants) communities are incredibly close and care about continuity of good, regular relationships. 

One of the ways of contact between tribal representatives is the large, annual meeting, called the name Tribal Assembly. Experienced delegates from various parts of North America and also people important for the community come to take part in it. The participants discuss social and economic issues, listen to reports on the business activities of community representatives, debate on current issues, and adopt resolutions that affect the lives of all community representatives.

This meeting is similar in form to parliamentary proceedings, and we have had the opportunity to support this year’s 84th edition with our application!


The challenge

John, who was co-organiser this year’s event, clearly outlined his two main goals at the very beginning:

Mission 1: Complete replacement of printed materials with digital devices.

In previous years, all documents needed for the preparation of the congress were created in paper form. Schedules, reports, presentations, content of speeches, visual identification – all this required preparation was printed, binded and distributed among the participants of the congress. Event organizers have calculated, that using printed materials costs them about 20,000 $ per year!

Mission 2: Implementation of an innovative solution into the well-known event formula.

The move away from using paper materials is obviously associated with the use of digital technology. However, John drew attention to one more important issue – because the participants of the congress are mostly elderly, the implemented solutions had to be legible, friendly and easy to use. The money saved on paper materials, the organizers were ready to spend on the purchase of tablets for each of the delegates.

Thanks to such a specific presentation of the matter, we quickly felt that our teams were on the same page. Aleksandra, a pearl of our Customer Support Department, took care of carrying out the digital revolution in Alaska.


The Process and Solution

Due to the nature of the event and the number of documents that had to be included in the application, work on its creation began several months earlier. We conducted office brainstorms and created suggestions for solutions that – with our best knowledge – would help John achieve his goals.

For the participants of the event, we have prepared a clear schedule in a transparent form – each session and discussion panel displayed not only the subject and hourly schedule but also additional information about the exact location and occurring speakers.

Thanks to the huge flexibility of our Resources Component, the implementation of which Aleksandra proposed to the organizers, we were able to easily provide event participants with all the necessary files – documents, presentations, reports and notes. They could easily find them both in the windows of individual lectures and in a separate, collective “warehouse” of additional files.

To maximally facilitate the availability of files for users, we decided to place them directly in the application. Thanks to this, we were able to reduce possible complications, such as the need to download, opening in the wrong format, or the need to use external applications.

Besides – because the devices of use of our application were tablets – we tried different visual variants and adjusted the resolution to the devices provided by the organizers.


The Results

The application prepared by us had been installed on 125 tablets, which were then received by all participants of the meeting. Clear agenda, availability of files and simplicity of use turned out to be a successful solution and allowed an efficient, trouble-free course of the event.

Because the location chosen by the organizers did not provide the strongest Wi-Fi connection, we were convinced that entering all the necessary documents into the application was the right solution.

Finally – or, perhaps, most importantly – our tool has helped John achieve his goals. Together, we have helped older people feel more confident in contact with current technology, and thanks to the mobile event application, members of the Tlingit and Haida community have no illusions that they are moving with the times!

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