The 7 best apps for public speakers


Without doubt, speaking live in front of an audience can cause huge stage fright. Therefore, if presenting is part of your everyday life, or you are just taking the first steps in this difficult challenge… then this list is for you. It’s a set of applications that will make your speeches and lectures less boring and better organized.

The era of notes and heaps of paper and the days of often boring and overlong presentations have gone into oblivion. Remember, the new technologies rock!

Let us make work easier and take a look at this list of (in our opinion) the most interesting applications for speakers, which might take you to the highest level!

How can you become more confident, get rid of your stage fright, find interesting stories or just organize your speeches? Let mobile apps help you.

Let’s explore them!

1. Prompster

Have you ever thought about using your iPad, tablet or even a smartphone to facilitate a speech?

Prompster is an ideal tool for any professional speaker. It is used as a prompter. It includes a sample speech and you can create or import a documents from MS Word. You can also share your speech with your audience via email.

With fully configurable font sizes and flowing text, this application is essential for anyone who wants to give a memorable speech without any mistakes.

2. Confident Public Speaking

There is considerable stress associated with public speaking before a group of several dozen or even hundreds of people. Some people, unfortunately, do not realize that this stress can be effectively overcome (and I do not mean with expensive therapy).

Yes, and this time technology will help us. Who would not want to have a private session to de-stress, using their own smartphone? Confident Public Speaking offers free hypnosis sessions, like “Relax Completely” and “Total Relaxation in 10 minutes”. The video interviews will give you a better understanding of the problem, which is stress. The application will help you to overcome the fear associated with public speaking, which may have been caused by bad experiences in the past. It will teach you how to enjoy the small dose of stress and show you basic ways to fight it.

3. 55,000 Amazing Quotes

Do you want to ensure your next presentation is not trivial and monotonous? We know a simple recipe: add little quotes into your speech. But where can you find appropriate quotations that are sorted, and be able to bookmark your favourites?

55,000 Amazing Quotes has over 1500 categories and 7400 authors in one place. You can also add and edit quotes. It gives access to over 100,000 more, even if you haven’t got an internet connection.

This app has a huge database, which will take your presentations effectively to the next level.

4. 2Screens – Presentation Expert

If you are a professional speaker, you are perfectly aware of the importance of technology and how to use it. But are you tired of the lack of sync of your iPad with the whiteboard? This 2Screens – presentation expert has an easy interface with a full screen display, a great integrated whiteboard for drawing on a blank screen and also a slide navigator or web browser to load web content.

These are just a few examples from a long list of features. We are pretty sure that you will never have the slightest problem with this app. It certainly makes it easy to manage and view documents.

5. SpeakerClock

For each speaker, time is a relative term. It’s very easy to talk too long, using up the time for another speaker or making our listeners impatient. Also it’s very important in multimedia presentations to move on at the right time and sync your speech with what is happening on the whiteboard. SpeakerClock is the perfect app for people who have a tendency to lengthen their speeches but also for those who wish to improve.

How can we keep to time using this application? It’s simple, thanks to the timer. Swipe to set it and your speeches will never again last too long.

6. Infonet Presenter

If you are looking for a functional tool that will fully help you with not only the presentation but also preparing for it, then this app is for you. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to focus completely on the presentation and not on the technical matters. Infonet Presenter is an integrated presentation system tailor made for you.

What, therefore, does it offer? The range is really wide. Infonet Presenter gives users the ability to project PDF files, PowerPoint files, Apple Office files or even your whiteboard to share your ideas. This is an app worth having!

7. What applications do you use during your presentations?

Let us know in the comments below.

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