9 Innovative Ideas to Attract Visitors at Your Next Trade Show

9 Innovative Ideas to Attract Visitors at Your Next Trade Show.

Trade shows are an essential part of your marketing effort and a unique opportunity to get some face time with your consumers, old and new. You ought to start your event planning months in advance and be meticulous and creative because no detail is too small and there is no room for glitches. However, after you have put in the hours, there is nothing more disappointing than poor attendance and low engagement with your audience. It is disheartening and wasteful. Luckily, there are many proven methods to increase your visibility at any trade show, from exhibition stand design to thoughtful give-aways and gamification. Read on for our top nine innovative strategies.

1. Use social media wisely before and during the trade show

As a seasoned marketer, you have at least a couple of well-developed social media channels at your disposal to reach out to your base. Let your followers know early on about your trade show stand, and tease the attractive portions of your presentation. Once the trade show is underway, tweet and post regularly about what is happening at your stand, and use the event hashtags in order to gain exposure to attendees who are not your followers yet.

2. Create high-impact features within your exhibition stand design

The design and setup of your exhibition stand offer an easy way to stand out from the competition. Modular exhibition stands are an impressive innovation which more and more businesses find attractive because of their versatility, practicality, transportability, and ease of operation. You can adapt the size and setup as well as the content of your stand on the go, and you will easily shine among the standard low-tech solutions. However, whether you choose a bespoke stand or modular option, work with your designer to include specific visual features that will attract visitors’ attention. These need to be strategically placed for maximum impact, taking into account the exhibition hall visitor flow.

3. Educate to engage

Think up an exciting topic that is relevant to the trade show and offer a mini-workshop or seminar for interested attendees. Keep it short, poppy, and concise, and identify clear knowledge gains in order to make the offering attractive.

4. Catering, catering, catering!

Free food is a classic way to draw people in. Pick something with a pleasant aroma – fresh cookies, popcorn, or good coffee – and have your staff serve attendees individually in order to start the conversation. Don’t simply lay the free food out on a table!

5. Offer memorable freebies

Design an innovative giveaway that will stick in your audience’s memory: a funky flash drive, a clever notepad, or a comfortable pen, all with your company’s insignia, are likely to stay with their recipients a while and allow your brand to stay at the forefront of their mind.

6. Have a high-end draw

Pick a trendy item, either industry-specific or generally popular and have booth attendees enter a draw for it. The quality of the item will confirm your company’s good standing, and you will collect many new contacts for your next marketing campaign.

7. Put your product in action

The best-attended exhibition stands are the ones that show and don’t just tell. Let your audience see your product in use or, better yet, let them use it and guide them through the process. Just like in childhood, the enjoyable play makes for memorable experiences and lasting relationships.

8. Prepare all hands on deck

Your trade show success rests in the hand of your staff, so engage them early on, train them to put on their best performance, and make them part of your design and implementation process. Staff needs to have a relevant product and/ or service knowledge and it is important to specify a code of conduct to ensure that there is consistency in the level of service they will be providing.

9. Invest in a mobile event app

There are now some great mobile event apps, which can significantly help with attracting more visitors to your exhibition as well as keep attendees updated and engaged. From push notifications to networking with useful features such as internal one-to-one chat and interactive maps. Event apps can be designed to fit your event needs and maximise the experience of visitors.

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Reno is a founder and director of an event company and exhibition company Enigma Visual Solutions, specialising in retail designs, interiors, graphic productions, office refurbishment, signage systems, event branding, exhibition stand design and much more. He specialises in experiential marketing and event productions. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on upcoming marketing ideas and design trends.


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