Success on PayPal #BattleHack

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Last weekend, there was a highly prestigious programming event that PayPal – the so-called BattleHack. Five people from our team took part in it. We are pleased to announce that four of them returned with the prize. Mateusz Sowa, Łukasz Urbas, Mateusz Młodawski, and Rafał Sobota (pictured in that order) received the prize for best Android integration.

We are extremely pleased and incredibly proud of them!

Meeting Application @battlehack event

The team worked for 24 hours, and it achieved its goal!

Life and health are the most important values for all of us. Because of our interest in taking care of people, we have created Life Flare – an application which, in a very fast and easy way, grants rescue services access along with some evaluative information about people who are victims of a misadventure.

Life Flare also allows us to find and contact blood donors in the event that this is required!

To start using Life Flare and, thus, increase your safety, all you need to have is a smartphone or dedicated device with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Rescue services will be able to find you through a smartphone app or Google Glass.

It was the so-called hackathon, which is where programmers worked non-stop for 24 hours on products and services in the attempt to create an innovation that would enchant the market with its code and ingenuity. I must admit that it was hard, but to get such a prize from PayPal is definitely something incredibly rewarding. Therefore, if anyone is still asking where the best Android programmers are in Poland, then in PayPal’s opinion, it is Wrocław.