Email templates for event planers: Acquiring Sponsors


This post is the second part of our series „Email templates for event planners” in part one we have provided you with 6 different emails templates with invitations for your attendees. In this part we will focus on email templates you can use for communication with your potential sponsors.

Here are the email templates for event planners, event profs, event marketers etc. 

1 – Become a sponsor / Sponsorship opportunity / First outreach

Your first outreach is crucial for the whole conversation with your potential sponsor. Be sure to craft an unmissable subject line (that’s why I’ve provided so many of them in the actual template). This email should be as short as possible, its main goal is raise curiosity and to show your potential sponsor the benefits of supporting your event.  This email should always have the following elements:

  • Event information
  • Audience details
  • Your offer request accompanied by some benefits
  • Call to action

    Email marketing pro tips for event planners

Pro Tip: Remember to focus on the benefits, not the features:

Feature: Our event is attended by the young people who love sport.

Benefit: Our event is attended mainly by young people who love sport, who are a key segment of your customer base. Supporting [Event name] will help you reach them.


Acquiring sponsors mail 1

2 – Follow-up

It’s best to send your follow-up email the week after your first message (just as you’ve promised in it). That way you provide your contact with enough time to process your offer and you won’t be perceived as too pushy.


Acquiring sponsors mail 2

3 – Follow-up

Your second follow-up should once again try to highlight the potential benefits. Try not to repeat those which you have already mentioned in your opening email. Since you don’t exactly know what is the current most important goal of your sponsors it’s best to try to show them a variety of benefits.


Acquiring sponsors mail 3

4 – Thank you & event report


Your thank you email should be 10% „thank you” and 90% facts. You want the sponsor to feel that they have benefited from supporting your event. You want the person who made the decision to fund your event to be able to show the results to their supervisors. Don’t be afraid of numbers, statistics or graphs, you can even create an infographic report for your sponsors.

Acquiring sponsors mail 4

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