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Advertising in the application Meeting ApplicationNew technologies like smartphones and tablets create new opportunities for events or fairs organizers. Now thanks to mobile event apps, sponsors can achieve new space for their adverts. Adverts which will be more effective than the others.

Before we start looking at benefits of having an advertising in the Application, get a closer look at some stats from the events. What enchain us is:
  • 90 % of smartphone users draws attention to the mobile ads.
  • 40 minutes - this time a fair participant spends in the application.
  • 11 times - the average user returns to the application during the event.
  • From 2 to 6 minutes - so much the average user spends in the application of the event.
Impressive isn’t it?What sponsors will gain?1. Status of the sponsor and the only exhibitor in the official application of the fair2. Stand out their own business from hundreds of other exhibitors.3. The ability to reach 60% of users who will have contact with brand on an average of 30 minutes.4. Surveys - concrete data obtained from the participants. Questions about the impressions of the fair, brand recognition, or statistics.5. PUSH Notifications - a new offer on the stand, discounts to customers, or building good PR by simple greetings to the participants. Occurs 5 seconds after each participant of the event. 6. An exclusive whole module in the application. This is a dedicated space for sponsors. And in it: data storage, and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+).7. In addition, sponsors have an splash screen - the first view of the application starts. Here they can put any graphics.Don’t wait!Take your own event app and give sponsors their own advertising space.
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