How AI Can Improve The Experience at Conferences

Artificial Intelligence can greatly boost networking at conferences

We’re living in times when people expect personalized solutions and tailor-made offers. Mass produce is scoffed upon. Customers wish to be addressed individually. Despite its essential broad reach capabilities, the Internet allows businesses to do just that – precisely target their prospects with personalized communication. In exchange for access to some of our personal details, we get valuable business opportunities. Learn how AI is taking conference networking to the next level.

Online personalization is no longer an uncharted territory. The new challenge is to deliver a designed experience in the real world, especially at a scale.

The two realms – digital and analog – come together in mobile apps, beacons, and various applications of artificial intelligence to help the event industry offer a unique experience people seek.

AI is of particular interest to me in this post simply because it still holds a great promise to all event managers. Despite somewhat limited use so far, its full potential and capabilities are yet to be seen.

AI Search and Suggest

A real-life example of AI use in the event industry comes from the NYC-based startup SummitSync. They’ve developed an app which combs through a database of 10,000 events and recommends its users those that may interest them.

In order to make relevant suggestions, the app checks how users are establishing their business contacts and how this correlates with the type of event they’re attracted to. The artificial intelligence employed takes into account fifty different factors including location, job position, company, time of the day, and the device used.

SummitSync is testing an enterprise version of its app to determine which events will create the most sponsorship opportunities, based on the aggregate user data from their previous editions.

Looking forward – potential applications of AI in the event industry

Anything a human can do, an AI can do… faster, at the very least. This oftentimes equals better as well. Sure, we’re nowhere near creating a human-level artificial cognition system, but the number of tasks we can relegate to computers is growing and will continue to do so.

Narrowing the application of AI to the event industry, we can possibly see it used for:

  • Automated attendee registration, based on biometrics and facial recognition.

  • Improving automated translation – AI will learn, understand and recognize subtle cultural and contextual differences and thus help people communicate more efficiently in real time.
  • Organizers making adjustments on the go, as the situation changes, based on the fresh data flowing in from related systems such as CCTV or the registration desk.
  • Recommending lectures, based on known preferences.
  • Providing tips on how to spend your free time, outside of the event, based on information available via social media or a Netflix account.
  • Creating a personal hotel concierge who’d be able to answer questions, set the room temperature, order a meal, or arrange a cab.

AI-powered conference app

Artificial intelligence and an event app is a perfect match which keeps on giving. Personalized experience in the real world can take up a number of forms, business matchmaking being particularly useful at various gatherings.

The process is rather complex and takes into account an array of data. Let’s say you represent a financial institution. If you go to a networking event, chances are you’re not looking to meet other reps, but potential clients such as mid-size businesses or corporations.

Conference matchmaking

Business meetups are all about approaching and getting to know the right people. Event apps usually offer some sort of a networking feature, but it requires you to take action and isn’t automated.

You’ll often be able to browse a filtered attendee list and approach individuals via live chat or direct messages, which is then supposed to lead to an actual meeting. An AI-powered matchmaking system takes it up a notch by suggesting who to meet and talk to at the conference.

And while we’re on the topic…

Enter Hotel Application

Our team has been working on an advanced, AI-powered app designed to facilitate matchmaking during events. The software will be able to use a fixed set of data fed via social media, CRM, or project management tool integration. However, it will also be able to learn, based on the user’s behavior and actions.

Hotel Application will process the available information, make intelligent connections between data pieces, and use them for precise matchmaking. It will know what the user is currently looking for, what’s the status of his career, and whether previous recommendations made were actually useful and resulted in staying in touch after the event or maybe even making sales.

Final word

Artificial intelligence has indeed many applications in the event industry. From facilitating attendee registration to futuristic personal assistants – it can greatly enhance the experience at any event.

Business meetings put a lot of emphasis on networking and one thing AI is going to be great at is matchmaking. Thanks to having access to relevant data and the ability to learn on the go, AI-powered conference apps will provide users with quality contacts and make the entire process seamless.

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