Alkopoligamia – mobile record label is a record and clothing label founded in 2006. Alko’ produces a wide range of things (extraordinary video clips, vinyl records and even lager), but without any great flourish – it’s a family company promoting independent culture.


“The Alkopoligamia brand doesn’t mean only a passion for night living. It’s also a resistance against polite greyness, promoted everywhere in pop culture and in lifestyles as well”, stated the creators of the record label.

The publishing house was inspired by three buddies – Witek Michalak, Łukasz Stasiak and Piotr “Ten Typ Mes” Szmidt. These men have a few common characteristics: refinement, a dose of humor and cooperation in our nonsensical world, honesty towards spectators and absolutely no arrogance – which is not often found in the entertainment industry.

Alkopoligamia record label has created a mobile application, the first of its type by a company in Poland. The solution designed by Meeting Application provides users with information about the label and about the artists creating for it. The application promotes video clips and publications.

More than 1000 unique users have spent more than 3 days using the application modules. And it was only during the first day of Alko’ presence in the market! Those who wanted to express their opinion about Alkopoligamia usually graded Alkopoligamia the highest – with 5 stars. The statistics speak for themselves...

alkopoligamia_applicationMes, Pjus, Blow and Kuba Knap oraz Stasiak – these are only a few of the personalities that Alko’ publishes. “Artists” – one of the Alkopoligamia modules – holds their profiles, bios and links to shops where you can buy the artists’ records.

A prestigious solution for a prestigious record label – that’s mobile Alkopoligamia.

If you always want to be up to date with record premieres, concerts, clothing collections, events with the DJ’S in the Alko’ team and other announcements, the application (for iOS and Android devices) is exactly for you!

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