9 Innovative Ideas to Attract Visitors at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are an essential part of your marketing effort and a unique opportunity to get some face time with your consumers, old and new. You ought to start your event planning months in advance and be meticulous and creative because no detail is too small and there is no room for glitches. However, after you have put in the hours, there is nothing more disappointing than poor attendance and low engagement with your audience. It is disheartening and wasteful. Luckily, there are many proven methods to increase your visibility at any trade show, from exhibition stand design to thoughtful give-aways and gamification. Read on for our top nine innovative strategies.

Thanks to Apple Inc The New Era of event apps is finally here

Apple’s last decision has brought an end to dedicated (White Label) apps as we know them. Their new App Store guidelines read as follows: Section 4.2.6: “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.” Section 4.3: “Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app…” This bold move, expected by few and feared by many will profoundly reshape the landscape of the event apps market – our market. Things will never be same, as the status quo of many app providers is being torn apart. The newest Apple guidelines ban the release of multiple apps based on […]

Important Notice – Changes in App Store Policy & Dedicated Apps.

Important Notice – Changes in App Store Policy & Dedicated Apps. Due to recent changes in Apple’s App Store policies regarding App approval and review, Apple will no longer accept dedicated event apps that share the same code structure. This news has struck us, but that’s something we’ve been ready for all along after all Meeting Application has started its journey as a „container a.k.a. universal, platform app” which now is the standard laid out by Apple in their newest policy. In the past few years, the white label, dedicated event app had become a standard in the industry, however, we welcome this change as our universal app was always at the heart of our service and it just brings […]

Event with celebrities? How to book them for your event?

Event planning can be a tricky thing. There’s a lot to manage: securing a venue, organizing all the food and drinks, and making sure you promote the event well enough that people show up – all while remaining on or under budget. A key component to ensuring a successful event is making sure your guests are entertained, which sometimes means you have to add an additional wrinkle to your planning: booking the entertainment. When you add all of these elements together, it can make even the most experienced event planner want to pull their hair out in frustration. Today, we’re going to take a look at the most important things you should know about booking artists for an event. It […]

Why should you provide an event app at your conference? – infographic


The Event Box is a perfect tool for organizers. It allows to promote a given happening by embedding a simple feed of content from a Facebook Event Page into other websites. It encourages potential participants to join your event by the use of social media power. Thanks to this plugin, when people visit your website they are able to see a current attendee list. How is it possible? It is simply integrated with a Facebook event data.  

Meeting Application Announces a Partnership with Prowly

Meeting Application, a global event app provider, and Prowly, PR and brand journalism software, have started a partnership. Companies that cooperate with us are particular about effective communication with their audiences during events. We believe that they may also be interested in boosting their brands’ awareness on a daily basis. From now on, Meeting Application’s clients will be able to get a 30% discount on all their partner’s product packages.    


Tendering for event management is a risky and time-consuming business. You need to start by positioning yourself against other companies. Make some research and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you plan your offer so as to outclass your rivals. You also need to be sure that you have enough staff and experience to manage a given event. It is especially important for a beginner agency to perform in a high-quality manner. As a result it is sometimes best to make two smaller meetings and succeed than challenge yourself with a prestigious yet complex one. The final step is to decide whether a given event bidding is worth it or not.  

How can Pokemon GO change the event industry?

Pokemon GO is turning into a powerful moneymaker pushing the video game maker’s market capitalization above $30 billion. How does it convert into real profit? There are different estimated quotas. According to IGN, Pokemon GO has made more than $14 million across all mobile platforms only week after it has been released. It proves that Niantic Labs’ new smartphone game has become a real craze. Moreover, its popularity is still growing. In this post, I am going to focus on Pokemon GO’s proven and potential influence on the event industry.   photo source  

Event apps are useless without a good communication strategy.

Let’s say you have done a thorough research. After weeks of testing and discussions your team has finally reached a decision. You are about to implement one of the event apps. At this point, the most frequent mistake is to rest on one’s laurels. Buying is the first step you take in order to boost interaction between your audience. The next goal is to promote it and increase a download rate. Thanks to the app you will be able to create an effective multi-channel communication strategy.