In the first part of this article series, I have covered all general settings you have to work on when you create your event app. Today I will focus on all 13 application components. You can adjust all functionalities so that they match your event needs and character. Remember that you are able to ‘hide’ or ‘unhide’ any of the available components. You may also rename the menu buttons and decide what is their sequence. Most of the features may serve more than one purpose and can be easily redesignable. Once you have your personalized menu ready, you can move forward to uploading your content.

First, you have to enter website and log in into your admin panel. Then you should click on 'components' button in the menu and follow these steps. This will enable you to set your app fully:WHITELISTThis is the place where you can upload all email addresses of people that are entitled to register. It is recommended to be used only when your content is confidential and you want to have a restricted access. Otherwise, you should set open access so that all interested people can download and register.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-27-32Instructions:Click ‘add emails’ button. Then paste a list of e-mails. Use comma-separated record format. Do not forget to push ‘save changes’ button.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-24-56AGENDAThis component enables you to display your program on your attendees' phones. If it is uploaded correctly users are able to filter the agenda and add single events to FAVOURITES - their personal event calendar. The application  makes it possible to introduce changes whenever and wherever you need. You can update all content quickly. The app will inform your audience about the changes.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-22-54Instructions:This is the place where people look for information on time, topic and place of a given event. That is why you need to start by adding days, paths and rooms.
  • Days Just push ‘add day’ button, fill in the ‘name’ gap and choose a date by clicking the calendar icon. Once completed remember to save changes.
  • Paths It works like a list of event categories. Just click ‘add path’ button, fill in the ‘name’ gap and choose a color. If your program is devoted to one topic, you still need to create at least 1 path and assign all events to this single category. You can always edit and delete your path list.
  • Rooms You need to create a list of all conference rooms and meeting spots like ‘foyers’. It helps your audience get to the right place timely. Just push ‘add room’ button and define its name. Then save changes. zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-23-30
Now you are ready to build your agenda. Click ‘add event’ button and fill in the gaps with time spans, a name, and description. You have to select paths, days and rooms from the lists that you have already created. If you add the new ones your event data will not be saved. Once completed, remember to save changes. In addition, it is importnat to choose one date format for all single events. Decide whether you will use 12 or 24-hour clock. You can add AM and PM or leave these spaces blank. SPEAKERSThanks to this feature you let your experts shine. Personalized bios and photos bring extra value for your audience. You also give your speakers a chance to promote themselves. Their attractive profiles are a great incentive for your indecisive audience and may encourage them to take part in your event.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-22-21Instructions:Only ‘name’ field is required in order to create a valid record. However, I advise putting as much information as possible. That is why, enter his/her company’s name, position, description and attach a photo. Remember to save changes. You can always go back to each record and edit its content.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-28-08SOCIAL FEEDThis component enables you to publish updates in one place and redirect your audience to all your channels. Link your app to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or RSS. By integrating your social channels you increase traffic and followers rate on the daily communication platforms. Thanks to this component you can also write targeted news that is available only to your audience. zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-21-53Instructions:First, you need to create feed channels of your choice. You click ‘add source’, choose a social media from the list and fill in the gaps. Your external posts will be published in the app automatically.  Once completed you see a list of communication channels with 3 buttons: ‘feed’, ‘edit’ and ‘delete’. By clicking ‘feed’ you can see walls from your channels. You can delete single posts if you wish. Let’s move on to the next step. Apart from these channels, it is advised to create ‘news’ feed. It enables you to write dedicated announcements. Click ‘add news’ and fill in the gaps with a title and your own text. You can also upload a photo or graphics. zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-29-53VENUESMake it super simple for your attendees to reach a destination and get to your event with a built-in Google navigation. You can include floor maps to make it as easy as ABC.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-21-13Instructions:Start by creating venue types. Click ‘add category’ button. Then name it, assign color and choose an icon. Once you have your list you push ‘venues’ button in order to create a given record. Now fill in the gaps and add a photo if you wish.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-20-35NETWORKINGAn in-app networking system is a perfect tool for building a strong community and new business connections.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-19-12Instructions:Click ‘add channel’ and fill in the gaps. The name should suggest the core topic of a given channel e.g. 'post-session discussion'. Then you can set the order of your theme chats. Lastly, remember to save changes. zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-30-32PHOTO BOOTHA photo booth is an internal gallery. Your attendees can upload photos, share likes and add descriptions to their images. You can monitor their activity and delete offensive photos.Instructions:You do not have to set anything obligatory in this section. If you wish you can prepare photo overlays. In order to prepare them, you may use one of the free overlay creators. When you are ready with your photo frames you need to click ‘add overlay’ button and upload a given file from your computer.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-18-25MEDIAThe app makes it possible to entertain and educate your attendees with videos, sounds, and images. You just need to add links or upload images.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-32-29Instructions:Click ‘add category’ button, name this file and choose its type. Then press ‘photos’, ‘videos’ or ‘sounds’ button in order to upload your content.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-33-04INFOThis component is a great place to provide attendees with extra resources. You can redirect them to any web address and previously uploaded files including presentations, abstracts, PDFs, videos and more.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-34-05Instructions:Click ‘add page’ button. Name this material and choose its format (HTML or URL). Then fill in the gaps. Remember to save changes.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-36-15SURVEYYou may easily gather attendee feedback. Survey reports are available instantly so you can improve your current and upcoming events straight away.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-36-46Instructions:Click ‘add survey’ button. Fill in the gaps with feedback name and description. Decide whether you want to reveal results and publish them. Then you can proceed to create your survey. You may include single or multiple questions in your questionnaire. Enter your questions, answers, and reply type. In the case of any mistake, you may delete a query by clicking ‘remove question’ button and discard any answer by pushing ‘x’ sign . Finally, save all changes and access the survey list. If you want to see the results, click ‘responses’ button.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-37-30PARTNERSYou are able to promote partner brands by presenting their full profiles - not only logos.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-38-32Instructions:Click ‘add category’ to create sponsorship levels. Fill in the name field, assign level (1-3) and choose color. Once you are ready, you can set sponsor profiles. Go to category list and click ‘partners’ button. Then push ‘add partner’ button and fill in the gaps. Remember to upload your partner’s logo. You can always edit and delete these records.EXHIBITORSHere you can create a directory of your exhibitors. Detailed profiles may attract visitors to their stands.zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-08-o-15-41-26Instructions:Click ‘add category’ to create your list. Name it, assign level no 1 and choose one of the colors. Then go back to Exhibitor component and click ‘partners’ button. Then push ‘add partner’ button and fill in the gaps. Remember to upload your exhibitor’s logo. You can always edit and delete these profiles.Congratulations. You have done it. I told you it was DIY simple. Now you can go back to any of the data and edit all components. You may also upload or delete any content of your choice.
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