Should I Build my Own Event App or Subscribe to a SaaS?

Should I Build my Own Event App or Subscribe to a SaaS

At first, the question may seem like a no-brainer – of course you should develop your own app, right? Well, not so fast. There’s a number of factors of significant weight you’ll have to consider before moving ahead with any of the options. You’re making an investment either way, that will have a strong bearing on how successful your undertaking is. Stay with me to learn whether you should build your own event app or subscribe to a SaaS.

Independence is a strong, desired trait both in everyday personal life and in business. It’s not easily achievable and considering how intertwined our lives are, complete self-reliance will rarely occur.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s not a bad thing at all!

Agreed, being able to handle everything stemming from your day to day business operations with no outside help would be perfect, but is it necessary? Is doing everything yourself even the most time and cost-efficient solution?

Plenty of pitfalls await those thinking they’ll be best off taking care of every service on their own. When it comes to weighing in the options for an event app, there are two major directions you can go into.

Now, let’s see which route is better and why.

Building your own event app

If you’re pondering developing an event app in-house, you have to examine if you have all the necessary resources at your disposal. Does your team already include developers, project managers, UX designers, and graphic designers, who are all experienced in mobile app design?

If not, hiring even a single IT specialist will be a considerable spending. Then comes the question of whether you’ll keep them after the project is mostly over? If you’re going to let them go, who’s going to provide tech support to users? Who’s going to add more features and deliver custom developments required by customers?

If you’re going to stick with the latest additions to the team, great. However, that’s an extended payroll you could allocate somewhere else, perhaps more efficiently.

Custom design from square one

Extensive costs
Difficult staff decisions
Yet another area of concern in your operations

Building your own conference app is by no means the worst thing you can do, but be prepared for a major time and money investment.

Subscribing to a SaaS provider

The other way to go about acquiring an event app involves finding and subscribing to an established SaaS provider. B2B relations serve to make life easier for companies. Most notably, they allow you to save time – the one precious resource you can’t generate more of, nor buy.

You don’t have to make any prior arrangements, add new specialists to your team, and go through a lengthy development process. The solution you need is right there at your fingertips.

Then, there’s the flexibility aspect if you’re working with an outside partner. They may offer time-based plans, so you can use the app only when you actually need it and pay only for the features that will come in handy for your attendees.


  • Instant availability
  • Relatively low cost
  • Flexible subscription models


  • May be missing some features you need

All in all, this seems like the more effective way to channel your funds. The overall investment of time and effort is way smaller than when building your own conference app.

In conclusion

If you have to make a dinner decision on the spot, eating out will be the best option a lot of the times. As far as pound for pound meal price comparison goes, the home cooked one may seem to be cheaper when viewed in isolation.

However, if you factor in things like time, effort, and all the other complementary stuff, the served meal presents a really strong case for itself.

The same goes for many business operations. If your company has all the resources necessary for long-term development and support of an event app, sure, you may go the ambitious way. If the means needed aren’t there and you’re a little pressed on time, partnering with a SaaS provider will be the affordable and practical way to go.

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