How To Write An Effective To-Do List

To use a to-do list to its full potential you first need to know how to construct one that is going to allow you to meet your goals and targets.


  Everything you need to know about organising and running a festival Music festivals, when done well, are amazing. They attract people from around the country and sometimes from around the world. To keep them coming back year after year, there are some things you need to consider. From strategies around the equipment, to your team and production plans, you need to ensure things go as smoothly as possible whilst making sure other potential issues don’t interfere with the good vibes people will expect to experience. Your aim should be to establish an excellent reputation as the festival of choice for your target audience.  You’ll need to put yourselves in their shoes to so you can plan for every eventuality, […]


Whether you’re introducing the product of the year, a new collection, or an innovative app, a launch party is a great way to build hype and get the conversation rolling about your brand. However, launch parties are strategic events that require precision and preparation.


In the business world there are endless selections of business conferences potential delegates can choose to attend. In addition today, everyone’s diaries are busier than ever making it harder to get people away from their desk and out of the office. So how does the conference planner make sure their business conference stands out, is well attended and talked about long after it happens? It is essential that the conference organizer sends out invites well in advance so the delegates can ensure the event is in the diary. There are many ways to send an invite electronically these days. The ceremony of opening an invite which has been specially sent to a guest is enjoyed by many and done right […]


In a world dominated by technology and social media it can be hard to pull millennials away from their screens and engage them at a corporate event. At Event Creative we strive to break the conception that corporate events are tedious and generic by organizing events that ‘wow’ guests and have them raving all about it in the office on Monday.


All over the world, event venues compete with each other in order to win new clients. That is why it is a very dynamic branch of business. What works for a given place today, may be insufficient tomorrow. Planners’ demands and needs are evolving together with the event technology. There are more and more tech solutions available. As a result, meeting centres have to analyse and adapt to keep up with the latest trends. So, what should the event venue of the future look like?


If your job swirls around events you should go over this post. We have prepared a collection of must-read books devoted to the event industry. These titles will expand your knowledge on the meeting planning and management. You must get them!

The 7 best apps for public speakers

Without doubt, speaking live in front of an audience can cause huge stage fright. Therefore, if presenting is part of your everyday life, or you are just taking the first steps in this difficult challenge… then this list is for you. It’s a set of applications that will make your speeches and lectures less boring and better organized. The era of notes and heaps of paper and the days of often boring and overlong presentations have gone into oblivion. Remember, the new technologies rock! Let us make work easier and take a look at this list of (in our opinion) the most interesting applications for speakers, which might take you to the highest level! How can you become more confident, get […]

How did I succeed? – 10 startups

How can I achieve a success? This question is certainly asked by a lot of people who want to try their hand at a new business. However, achieving success takes both time and humility, and only a fraction make it. Some of those startups, though, do become powerful companies that are role models and motivation for others who are trying their hand. They all share one common element: each started as an idea in someone’s head. However, the idea of implementing shared a long way. They know that people who have achieved the desired success, or simply put on him were convicted. We decided to make a list of some of the most successful event management startups for you. We […]

6 steps to start contact on event

Having great application for your conference is just the beginning. People who use it are the key to its success. Imagine how many of them can use your intuitive tool. Multiply them by their friends in social networks. They all work for you and your app works for them smartly.

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