3 Best Ways of Using Online Marketing to Attract Event-Goers

High attendance is considered an indicator of an event’s success but gathering an audience may pose a challenge. You can face it with strong marketing and solid promotion, making the venue full of enthusiastic and engaged attendees.

Speaking at events: 10 Common Problems and How to Handle Them

How do you feel about making speeches or presentations? I’m sure that all of us have had this pleasure or will have an opportunity (or a duty) to make a speech in the future. Do you remember the crowd or were there only a few listeners interested in the lecture topic? Maybe they were bored?

Top Event Marketing Strategies For Increased Engagement

Unless it’s some sort of a secret gathering, you probably want as many people to attend your event as possible. At the same time, you’d like to see them responsive and engaged, instead of just mindlessly wandering around the venue. There are certain steps you can take to boost the attendance and get people engrossed in your show. Here are top event marketing strategies for increased engagement.

Should I Build my Own Event App or Subscribe to a SaaS?

At first, the question may seem like a no-brainer – of course you should develop your own app, right? Well, not so fast. There’s a number of factors of significant weight you’ll have to consider before moving ahead with any of the options. You’re making an investment either way, that will have a strong bearing on how successful your undertaking is. Stay with me to learn whether you should build your own event app or subscribe to a SaaS.

Gauging the Success: What to Measure at Events?

  Working in the event industry, you might’ve been wondering: how do I measure the success of my show? Feedback collection, previously discussed on this blog, is one basic step towards learning more about the public’s reception of your event. I feel like you shouldn’t stop there, though. There’s a number of event key performance indicators you can set and measure your actions against.

“Logistics always is the biggest challenge” – an interview with the organizer of the Mobile Trends Conference

When the Mobile Trends Conference was launched back in 2012, it was one of the first events of its kind in East Central Europe, and its organizers haven’t had much experience when it comes to such ventures. Within seven years, the conference has grown four-fold.

Guidelines for Gifting Conference Speakers

Speakers are an essential part of any conference. They can be the difference makers between a mediocre and an awesome experience for the attendees. As soon as they step off the stage, they become unofficial ambassadors of your event to the world.

6 Solid Ideas For Collecting Feedback About Your Event

Data collection has become prevalent in many lines of business. The process takes different forms and its results can be processed for a variety of purposes. In the event industry, organizers collect feedback from participants to find out which parts of the conference were a success, and which need improvement. In this post, I’ll list a number of ideas for collecting feedback at and after an event.

Win Sponsors Over for Your Event With These Exposure Ideas

Event sponsorship opportunities are designed to benefit both parties involved. With the number of available channels, one can pour his promotional budget into these days, sponsors can be picky. If they’re going to pay, they expect great value in return. Here’s a double whammy for any event planner – not only do you have to pinpoint relevant sponsor prospects, you also have to present them with options worth spending money on. Dip into the sponsor exposure ideas I gathered and go try them.

Special Attraction Ideas For a Major Event

When it comes to organizing events, it’s always about doing it big, one-upping the previous edition and, of course, your competition. Trade fairs, conferences, and festivals intend to bring people together, first and foremost. Once you secure your keynote speakers, exhibitors, or artists, it’s time to get creative with additional events to make the gathering even more attractive. Keep on reading as I lay down special attraction ideas for major events.

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