Why should you support Networking

When looking for a new job, you collect information on postgraduate studies of new co-worker who interest you. Very often you are looking for information among those surrounding you. In most cases, you will get a lot of them, sometimes even more than you might think.

How social media change events

Facebook comments, Twitter updates, LinkedIn news and You Tube videos – they all strongly impact on an event or company’s popularity. It’s social media power. They can totally change opinions and reviews of an event: significantly increase its value or dramatically decrease it. That is why we should use social media carefully. Many companies are still have to learn what works best for their company’s image, event organizing and their consumers and attendees. We believe you know how social media can influence your business. No matter whether you know it or not, take a moment to read a handful of significant information and tips. Use them for free Facebook -It is free and most popular way to communicate, also during […]

6 steps to start contact on event

Having great application for your conference is just the beginning. People who use it are the key to its success. Imagine how many of them can use your intuitive tool. Multiply them by their friends in social networks. They all work for you and your app works for them smartly.

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