5 Key Benefits of Event Technology

If you have any experience with organizing any scale of events, you might already know how important engagement and interactions with the attendees are. But in instances when their attention spans are getting smaller at a fast pace and most people are distracted, you need to go the extra mile to reach the goals of your event. This is where event technology comes into the picture.

10 Benefits of using an event app for a science conference

Event apps have become a must-have for IT conferences, marketing events and trade fairs. However, not many organizers are aware that an event app can also be successfully used during a science conference. In this article I will list 10 different benefits of having a conference app at your science conference.

Festival App – A list of top must-have features for your staff

One of the core aim of film festivals is to gather the audience and industry experts under one roof in order to screen the selected category movies. Thanks to such initiatives all attendees can get lots of information about other cultures, social issues, and artistic values.  Most festivals attract not only local people but also foreigners as they display films from various countries. As a result, guests from different destinations gather together and have a chance to exchange ideas. Your utmost goal as an organizer would be to provide the best hospitality. Have a look below and check if your festival app has all top must-have features that make your staff efficient.

New Meeting Application Features

We always listen carefully to the changing needs of the event organizers. That is why, all our employees keep the register of our clients’ requests. We choose the most popular functionalities and the IT team develops our application accordingly. I would love you to take a look at the brand new Meeting Application features. We all hope you gonna love them and make your event even better thanks to their usefulness.

Live Voting – Make Your Event More Engaging by the Use of Q&A, Ratings, Polls, Quizzes and Surveys.

Events always involve some kind of interaction. The more communication is present at your happening the better impression you will make. It is good to provide a multi-channel interaction – you to your audience, your audience to you, an individual to another attendee and a participant to all attendees. Sounds like a huge challenge. No worries, there are several tools to make it super simple…


There are many conferences you have to compete with. You should really try hard in order to inspire your attendees with fresh data, brand new ideas, fruitful networking and useful tips. Be persistent and do not give up. Your efforts will be rewarded. What is a good starting point? Go through our list of 5 areas and check out how to seduce your event audience and make them come back. 1. RELEVANT EVENT CONTENT Remember that your agenda should address the average interests of your target attendees. It is often a super difficult task. A good starting point would be taking a closer look at your event competitor. Try to check what their participants have said about a given conference […]


Many companies include event marketing in their communication strategies. Technology changes our lives but marketing specialist still believe in the power of face to face contact. Conferences and other meetings may enable companies to build stronger bonds with their current and potential clients. If your event is a success, you might have a chance to develop new business opportunities. How to make event app useful and help you outfight adversities?


In the first part of this article series, I have covered all general settings you have to work on when you create your event app. Today I will focus on all 13 application components. You can adjust all functionalities so that they match your event needs and character. Remember that you are able to ‘hide’ or ‘unhide’ any of the available components. You may also rename the menu buttons and decide what is their sequence. Most of the features may serve more than one purpose and can be easily redesignable. Once you have your personalized menu ready, you can move forward to uploading your content.


Imagine yourself sitting in a restaurant you often go to. The waiter recommends the new meal for you to try. Are you going to follow his advice? Let’s focus on an average consumer. Most human beings thrive for a routine. There is a group of people, in contrast, who enjoy trying new things. As a result, you may either hate or love testing brand new solutions. If you dislike the emerging technologies, you should definitely continue reading. I will prove that building a branded event app may be as easy as a piece of cake. On the other hand, if you are a tech savvy person, you should definitely go through my article and see how simple it is to […]

How to use data from the surveys

Feedback on the organization, collecting precious data on any topic, and numbers, numbers, magic numbers…why are they so important and what is their exploit influence on your enterprise? Stay with us a little longer, and know the 7 best ways to use data from surveys.  

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