Why Setting Goals Makes You A Better Eventprof

Setting goals can help your workload and eventprof career. Here are some expert tips to help you utilize them to your advantage. Organization is key in the fast-paced event industry and goals are an excellent tool to get what you want. Many people set goals or aims subconsciously when they want something when you write a to-do list or during event planning, you know you want it to be a success. This counts as a goal, but the main mistake that most eventprofs make is not honing the skill or deliberately holding themselves accountable to it. Setting goals can be incredibly rewarding if done properly, and here’s why.

15 Creative Sponsorship Ideas

When you want to stand out from the crowd as a brand you need a constant stream of sponsorship ideas that are creative, fun and ahead of the game. Here are 15 more ideas to keep in your back pocket for next time.


  The ever increasing use of technology means that day to day there is no time anymore; being constantly online and never switching off, always available to the rest of the world.  Making it harder to find space in the diary to attend various meetings and events, has increased the popularity of online virtual events, taking away the need to travel to a particular destination blocking out the whole day.

5 PR tools that every event manager should test

Public Relations is one the most changing lines of business. The way we communicate is evolving constantly. That is why media specialists have to update their knowledge on a daily basis and test new tech products in order to optimise their results. We would like to present 5 useful PR tools for pros. Hootsuite Hootsuite is a social media platform for companies and individuals.  It is a time-saving tool as it manages posts across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one web space. Its popularity is still growing with 10+ million users around the world. Thanks to its functionalities you can schedule posts, monitor audience feedback, analyse your social media and share duties with your team. Prowly It is […]

Automate registration process at your event or conference

The Event Organiser is a person that bears the great responsibility of carrying out a multi-threaded production process, within a limited time window, and using limited resources. The Event Manager must take care of coordinating the work of both their own team and a number of sub-contractors, while at the same time observing the entire horizon where the final result, i.e. a well-organised conference, congress, or any other event, is starting to take shape. Dozens of meetings, hundreds of telephone calls, thousands of emails, and the stress resulting from being responsible for each single aspect of the event – it is all in a day’s work for an event organiser. The efficient Event Manager is not only defined by their […]


Whether you’re introducing the product of the year, a new collection, or an innovative app, a launch party is a great way to build hype and get the conversation rolling about your brand. However, launch parties are strategic events that require precision and preparation.


So you’ve been tasked to promote an event at short notice…We sourced suggestions and tips on how to promote an event with limited time from ‘ex-event promoter’ and evvnt Communications Manager Natalie. In an ideal world, event planning should take place over several months. But sometimes circumstances can work against even the most organised event manager by forcing you to promote an event in a short space of time.


Believe me or not but it is possible to attract event sponsors no matter how big your meeting is. What may vary are the sponsors budgets and their business outreach. That is why, depending on your meeting profile, you should focus either on local or corporate brands. I would like to share our knowledge with you. Below you will find a model for winning the right sponsor.

Advertising in the Application

New technologies like smartphones and tablets create new opportunities for events or fairs organizers. Now thanks to mobile event apps, sponsors can achieve new space for their adverts. Adverts which will be more effective than the others.

5 best public relations tools

The creation of a good relationship with customers and a positive image of your company is a continuous and sometimes a long process. Without good PR, it is very difficult to draw the attention of the target audience. Once you get it, you need tools that will keep it at the highest level, and this level should be permanently monitored.

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