9 advantages of conference and event apps

9 advantages of conference and event apps (1)

You already know how to make your event mobile. Now read about certain elements you can show your participants via application. They will be grateful for all that will make their participation in your conference more intuitive and interesting. Mobile conference apps can make wonders!

The market of event applications is large and different. They have features designed specially for planned events and meetings. I’m sure that every organizer can choose one, that best meet the needs of them and the attendees. Take a moment for this article and be aware of the advantages of mobile applications.

1. Detailed schedule

Conference attendees can access your up-to-date mobile agenda and prepare their own plans for the day. Show them your best sessions.

2. Let the speakers speak

Include detailed information about all your speakers and exhibitors. They are your special guests. People may be interested in their biographies, pictures, contact information and also all conference materials. It will be useful for participants. But also your guest will be more reachable, which is good for the whole experience of your event.

3. Left? Give right directions

Conference application can be the guide. Use it to provide directions. Current bus timetables and other information about public transport, real-time walking, driving instructions to your event’s locations – it is all helpful for your participants. Ok, they are in the right place now. Do not let them get irritated when they cannot find where the next session is – mobile app can be also used to zoom in and zoom out customized site map of different rooms and halls. Easy, right?

4. You are social

Use social media to show conference attendees you know the value of Facebook and Tweeter. Marry your application with LinkedIn and publish your updates and comments. Let people see who else is attending.

5. Be up to date

It is easy to have everything prepared but you need to stay focused if any changes occur. But they will – most likely. Prepare updates for your attendees. Share survey, voting results, push important information to all of them.

6. Sponsors’ value

Your sponsors paid well and we are sure their money was helpful. Let them feel good for a little bit more. Boost their visibility and earn more. Right content in your app will be crucial. Show their pages with logo, contact and location information or additional information – URLs or PDFs.

7. You are green

Your conference main subject does not have to be trend colors and you can still go green. Your conference can be paperless. It is something good for the nature and for your wallet. First you reduce printing, shipping and disposal costs of advertisements and what is more: also of literature you would prepare for people.

8. Important signs

Every time one of your attendee interacts with your app, his interactions should be signals of interest. In other words, participants give you clues on how to optimize the conference experience.

9. Better notes

The analyses and ratings for the conference are linked with the use of mobile applications. It gives twice as much points and better notes for companies who deliver event apps. Attendees satisfaction is higher and the costs of mobile application is not that big. Numbers show that it is worth it.

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