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add dynamics to your conference Meeting Application

Organising events is, as you know, chiefly about the content, exchange of thoughts and discussing new ideas (and, indirectly, of course also selling some of them). However, in today’s era of fierce business competition, what matters is the added value. What could be the added value in case of conferences?

Good food, of course, new friends you can make, and fun.

Mobile event applications will not serve you gourmet food. They may help you find friends, but what they can definitely be sued for is fun. By incorporating an element of fun or quest in your events, you add dynamics to the conference. Keeping people interested causes that your events are remembered and sometimes widely commented online.

Mobile conference apps can be used for organising a series of contests and competitions, e.g. using the feature of geolocation. Additionally, it will let your guests move around and explore the conference venue, which is always a nice alternative from circulating between the chairs and the snack bar.

Using a special event app you can organise a contest where the participants will have to check-in in particular places using the mentioned application. If organised well, such a quest can be a real treasure hunt for the guests. They could have to check in in the defined places in a specific order or to check in as soon as possible or at a particular time (like whoever checks in precisely at noon wins).

Since the competition itself is organised with the use of a conference networking tool, the grand finale of such contest can also take advantage of event mobile apps. The participants can gain credits for particular achievements which they can later exchange for some benefits (here you will have a chance to involve and mention the sponsors).

This way you add some value to the event which would otherwise be a plain meeting with usual breaks. The best thing about it is that the added value shall be an advantage both for the participants, who will discover that a conference can be fun and surprising, and for you as the organiser.

By designing a proper functionality in the conference app, you can make sure that your guests will not be late for the presentations, as they will have to check-in at a particular time and place. Besides, by involving the participants in so many activities, you are in fact preventing them from the horrible experience: sleeping during the conference.

Involved participants will definitely remember the event they took part in, which in turn is the goal you wanted to achieve all along.

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