6 steps to start contact on event

Having great application for your conference is just the beginning. People who use it are the key to its success. Imagine how many of them can use your intuitive tool. Multiply them by their friends in social networks. They all work for you and your app works for them smartly.

What kind of tools you may use to make  their communication easier and your event  more friendly? The answer seems to be clear – use mobile conference application. Global market is full of different mobile apps: to game, to chat, to socialize and of  to make event management easy and intuitive.

1) Let them meet before they meet

You are mobile, they are online – take advantage of it! All these hundreds or thousands of people who want to attend your conference don’t need to see each other to get to know better. Your application reduce the distance. Use free and popular social media to strengthen the power of your app. Create intriguing tweet or interesting posts on your Facebook fanpage, update You Tube channel, show the screenshot of the app on Google+ or Pinterest.

2) How they connect?

Mobile app creates community. Thanks to particiants online meeting, they can see who else plans to take part in your conference. These connections are really valuable. Attendees start to engage even before the conference and feel more involved during the event. By this time they’ve got more in common than the conference. It’s the power of mobile meetings.

3) Community is social

Don’t be afraid that people use Twitter or Facebook during your conference. All these updates in social media are crucial for community. Your participants may reach their Facebook friends, chat with them about presentations or create groups.  They may also check-in showing the rest of the world where the best conference takes place! Prepare hashtags for Tweeter users and for your conference promotion.

4) Don’t be afraid of questions

Be open minded and listen. Use a feature, where your guests can ask questions to speakers in real time (networking function or chat will be helpful). Let listeners send feedback  to the prelegents and show the questions on the big screen or sent to experts for comment.

Maybe your conference mates want to share their opinion. Thanks to their likes or dislikes you can improve your work. Take care of the communication between the participants. Support sending private messages between guests of the meeting. Show participants that you appreciate their opinion and contribution.

5) Use their input

People like to share – not only on Facebook and not only their likes. Attendees may fill questionnaire or vote during presentation. Collect answers to the questions and present them in graphs.

6) To remember

All your presentations should be worth listening. Be sure that prelegents are well prepared. Let people take notes thanks to one of available note-taking apps. Make the conference easy to remember and to share.

Use your app wisely and create a community of content attendees.

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