Creative Ways to Use an Event App

Uncommon ways of using an event app

Watching creativity and ingenuity at work is a thing of beauty. Coming up with new ways to use existing tools is a trait reserved to particularly gifted humans. Our conference app has a set of defined features and best-suited target audiences, however, our clients keep surprising us with new applications of the software. For people only just learning about our product, it may be worth it to examine some of its actual features, as well as potential uses.

Essentially, the goal of the Meeting Application event app is to enhance the experience of any get-together you may be organizing. It has a slew of features designed to promote participant interaction and engagement.

These include the event agenda that can be updated in real-time, business matching, allowing for networking during and after the event, gamification, surveys, push notifications to reach every app user with any emergency information, audiovisual content, sponsorship opportunities, direct messaging, maps, resources, and other.

Alright, but how do you indeed put these features to work during a conference or a trade fair? I got you covered, keep reading and get inspired!

Actual event app applications

As has been demonstrated by our clients on a number of occasions, one can use an event app for a number of purposes, with special focus being put on one of its many features in particular. Here are some real-life examples to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.


An app makes the voting process, say, at a film festival, extremely easy for the attendees. The organizers, on the other hand, can collect and count the votes in real-time. At Meeting Application, we had clients who wanted to use our app solely for this purpose – they considered it their bonafide voting solution.

Internal communication

We’ve been working with major corporations with scattered, global structures, needing a platform for their employees to communicate. Our app, which we’ve customized for them, and which includes live chat, user groups, and meeting arranging feature, among other things, has been working well for them. The corporations use the app to communicate internally on a day-to-day basis, and when it’s event time, they have an array of other useful features ready to be deployed.


Some businesses use Meeting Application during corporate trips. On one hand, the app covers and enhances all the regular items on the agenda such as lectures and courses, and on the other, it supports various team-building activities. The underlying rule is simple – scan QR codes to collect points. This may not sound like much but in reality, the possibilities are endless. It’s just a matter of creating an exciting context for the game in the real world.

Potential event app applications

Features available with most event apps predispose them to be used in certain ways. However, the varying nature of conferences and business meetings make the scope of applications boundless. Have a look at the ideas below.

Internal training

Internal training may involve a variety of ways in which knowledge is conveyed. Lectures by experts in a given field are probably among the most popular and effective methods. Now, with software like Meeting Application, the participants can ask questions via the app, get downloadable resources, and even be quizzed about what they’ve learned.


A good conference app allows its users to reach one another in a convenient way, which otherwise, depending on the scale of the event, may not have been that easy. Those who install the app can live chat or send meeting invitations and thus expand their network of potential business partners. On top of that, there’s the aforementioned gamification, however, in a slightly different form. The app user can collect points after holding a conversation of a particular duration. This would be a must-use feature at a strictly networking event.

Beacon interface

In and of themselves, beacons aren’t doing much. They’re essentially signal transmitters announcing their presence. To use these gadgets at events makes sense only in conjunction with an app that can receive their signal and trigger the desired action. A conference app can serve as an intermediate link between the device and the participant. That said, there are multiple ways to use beacons at events that may interest you.

In conclusion

A conference app has a number of obvious ways you can use it, stemming directly from the features included, however, these features are in fact multidimensional and allow organizers to engage event participants in various ways.

Regardless of the theme of the meeting, you want people to stay involved, chatty and social. Your goal, as the event manager, is to make the experience memorable and the creative application of the available features certainly helps you achieve it.

Let us know what original ways to use the app come to your mind regarding your event.

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