How to use data from the surveys

Feedback on the organization, collecting precious data on any topic, and numbers, numbers, magic numbers…why are they so important and what is their exploit influence on your enterprise? Stay with us a little longer, and know the 7 best ways to use data from surveys.


You have really wide and various choice of online survey tools and mobile event apps. These modern solutions collect data, present responses and stats and … just follow the list.

1. Understand your target audience needsSurveys are huge help when you want to understand your attendees or customers needs. What product do they really need? Which speech on your event do they strongly demand? Ask them now  in the survey, collect responses, and appear for them as comprehensive man fulfilling their dreams.  data-from-surveys-opinion 2. Adjust your enterprise to your target needsBy doing this, you build the trust and renoma of your brand. Your event attendees want changes, and you give them the product, service, lecture fully adjusted to their needs. And all the knowledge on what to do is inspired by feedback collected in paper, online or mobile surveys.Not so long ago DoubleDutch and MPI published report on the State of Event Apps:mobility-tableWe’ve decided to redesign our event app to meet the needs of majority of users, and focused on the top features: Agenda, Speakers and Networking. 3. Use stats from past edition to promote event The hard data collected during past events make wonders when you want to encourage people to attend next edition. If you present the data graphically, and include interesting stats, they know that it is really worth to participate and be a part of your have created an infographic according to one of their past conferences in Las Vegas. I’m sure that viewing it, you would have nothing against joining the 13K attendees next time. 4. Make a video promotionVideo files are even more telling than graphics. Especially if you mix them with some stats. Inbound 2014 did it, and see the spectacular effect they achieved! Include stats in words, letters, signs, images… and you will be surprised with the growing interestment in your event.videopromotion  5. Convince sponsors to sponsor your eventWhat is better way of gaining supporters than showing that you do, or organize something really inspiring or willingly attended? Prepare convincing summary of last event edition, or your product top features, and rely on numbers, numbers and more numbers!That kind of graphics and hard data in your offer for sponsors will be very beneficial for your product - nevermind you are start-up, or developed business company. 6. Know trends in the industryWhat is top in the branch? You need that kind of information to send targeted messages, and to build interest among your customers and event attendees. Why don’t use mobile surveys tool to know what social platform they mainly use? What are their top world speakers and favorite topics?stats-from-the-pastLet’s think about event planning industry. Is it building engagement? Event sponsorship? Going green? More…? Know it and send your users appropriate notifications and interesting articles. 7. Engage your target audienceShow your customers feedback you’ve collected in surveys and encourage them to vivid discussion on your brand or enterprise. The more they buzz, the more popular you are on the Web, and in the industry.You can also use the data and stats from past events to gain new event attendees, or excite existing ones. That kind of messages will surely convince them to make a buzz!surveys-questionDon’t wait!Make a survey, collect answers, and use one method for each day of your business week! 
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