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Meeting Application is a mobile conference app that has proven to be the best when organizing any event. Radosław Paklikowski, a member of the Board of meetingapplication.com, has been associated with the mobile market for four years.

E.M.: Your website runs in English – the price of the application is given in U.S. dollars. Why did you aim development at the foreign market and transfer the office from Poland to London and South Africa? Where did you get this idea?The idea was born many years ago due to our own needs. With Łukasz Kuna - my business partner – we were always a little ahead of our colleagues from Poland in know-how and sometimes there was nobody to talk to during conferences. I'm sorry to say that so frankly, but that’s just how it was. There is nothing worse than going to conferences where the lectures are boring and the knowledge goes only one way while talking with others ;) That is why we decided to make the change.E.M.: Why is the website not in Polish?Polish financial inferno discouraged us to translate anything into Polish, though of course this would not be a great expense. It’s not a barrier for our Polish customers. Moreover, it is not impossible to live with customers paying only in dollars. ;) We are not actively engaged in selling in Poland, because new customers are only on recommendation. We do not focus on the Polish market. Our priority is simply other markets and it’s obvious that London is far more recognizable in many places in the world than our beloved Wroclaw.E.M.: Transferring the company to foreign markets – does that mean that one cannot earn from such an activity in Poland? Do you plan to further develop and expand your business to e.g. eastern markets?Polish customers primarily expect low prices. They still haven’t fully understood how to use such a tool – how much stress they can avoid and, above all, how it can be helpful in arranging events people want to attend. We act outside Poland, because we do not want to enter into price competition. That is the most foolish thing that a company offering the highest quality product and customer service can do. Fortunately, we realized this at the right time.I believe that one can earn from such a business in Poland, but we have other priorities abroad at this stage of product development.Do we think about the east? We already have a business partner in Asia! Besides, we do not think only about the east but also the south. I can boast that the organizer of the largest carnival in Africa is one of our clients.E.M.: Do you cooperate with Polish developers? Does this have any special significance and impact on the projects realized by your company?Of course we work with Polish developers. The reason is simple... they are the best! :) And it is not like they are inexpensive. Developers are cheaper in many parts of the world. However, mere code monkeys may not be expensive in Poland, but there is no place for them in our company. We cooperate only with the best engineers. :)E.M.: Who is the greatest customer that Meeting Application can boast? What do you consider to be the most spectacular?One? Let me mention three:
  • Woodstock 2013, because over 600,000 attendees had fun during it and the purpose of the event was noble (Greetings for Krakow Cocolab that worm our way into this project),
  • A conference with 4,980 lectures in Paris, which incredibly raised the level of our product – a huge event and client, for which there was no comparison, And, of course,
  • Mobile Trends 2014, because the best brand professionals benefited from our product, and it is well known that the experts’ eye sees most :))
 E.M.: What will be the future of Meeting Application? What are your development plans?Very brave! Our brand is becoming more recognizable, and the product is of the highest standard. We are doing a lot to create a disruptive innovation on the event market. We have an ambitious goal, but it is too early to reveal the details. For sure, our major competitors from the U.S. and Canada overwhelmingly sense our presence, because they’ve copied our innovation several times. :) I can sometimes see how some companies try to mirror ideas from abroad. However, we are proud that during the last year of hard working we have achieved a level where those abroad are trying to copy us. We have a unique, interdisciplinary, brilliant team, which is composed of the best professionals I know. It brings results.E.M.: Is the conference application Meeting Application your only product? Currently, the market in mobile applications is very crowded – are you not afraid you’ll get lost in the tangle of the competition?Of course, the mobile application market is increasingly crowded. It has a good few years to go and the natural course of things is increasing saturation. There are even more companies creating web apps, but the best of them will always find a place on the global market and margin projects worth the hundreds of thousands. Yes! Abroad, even in dollars or Euro. The only thing is that you really have to love what you do and stand out from the others. We love what we do, and that is why we feel confident. Besides, I believe that competition is always good. When it is no more, then I'll know that it's time to change something. ;)

Radosław Paklikowski

Radosław Paklikowski has been showing initiative from his student days. He was a member of organizations such as NZS (National Board Member) and RUSS. He is currently Chairman of the meetingapplication.com board. He has been associated with the mobile market for four years. Companies that he led created dedicated applications for major corporations operating in Poland, and they now develop mobile event systems (mainly conference applications, sports event apps and festival apps). More than 600,000 attendees were entertained and educated by events supported by meetingapplication.com. Paklikowski loves innovation and he has devoted a large part of his scientific deliberations to the theme of Disruptive Innovations. He loves to help others and change the world for the better!We remind you that the applications both Application Meeting and Mobile Trends for Business can be downloaded from the Google Play store.Source: http://www.mobiletrends.pl/o-zagranicznej-drodze-rozwoju-polskiej-aplikacji-opowiada-radoslaw-paklikowski/
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