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Eco-friendly mobile event apps - Meeting Application

As a modern event organiser and a person with high awareness of civilisation issues, you probably want to remain on the green side and be environment-friendly. As a righteous citizen you segregate the waste you produce, you clean after your dog and, last but not least, you try to limit the use of natural resources. The last one being, for example, paper.

The need, or rather wish, to save paper and reduce its usage has long been the issue of primary interest for academics, business people and students. One thing is environment, but another is pure cost.

Now with the help of mobile conference apps you can effectively reduce the use of paper materials, uploading whatever is possible onto mobile devices.

Event mobile applications can offer you nearly the same possibilities as traditional handouts – you can organise them, browse them and even make annotations, provided, of course, you do not settle for a traditional fountain pen.

Materials uploaded in mobile apps are much more convenient in that they do not take up the space needed to store tons of papers in countless files and organisers. Well, you DO need some space on your hard disk or mobile device, true, but this method of storing data is user-friendly, since you do not have to empty a separate room in your house to store all the materials from the conferences and trainings you take part in.

Secondly, uploading digital materials into mobile conference applications allows you to make the content of your event more varied, interesting, interactive and thus easier to remember. You can play with the conventions, include competitions, games, quizzes, notes, memos and a bit of advertising, all of this well organised and prepared in a way that is user-friendly and palatable.

Such solutions as a conference networking tool will allow you to reduce the cost of organising an event and therefore you will become more competitive as far as the price of your training or admission fee of your conference is concerned. You will also be able to allocate the saved resources elsewhere. Cutting the cost of graphic design and printing of paper materials will definitely be an asset for you, for your clients, principals and the company you work for.

What is more, such savings are made without the need to reduce the quality of the materials and the event itself. Quite the opposite, your conference will become more attractive and appealing when you skillfully use available event apps for conference. The participants will appreciate and remember the fact that they are not overloaded with paper files at the end of the event and you as the organiser will save the time and money needed to develop and distribute copies of traditional materials.

Of course, you have to consider the audience – particularly with older guests it will be good if you don’t resign from using paper materials altogether – a brief summary or agenda can be printed in traditional format, so as to avoid the impression that now all the paper communication has been eliminated. You have to analyze and research the target audience in order to obtain the information on the extent, to which they would be ready to give up paper materials and then modify the proposed content accordingly. If you don’t want to reject paper handouts all at once, you will be able to reduce the amount of paper used to this end anyway and only print a tiny percentage of what you initially planned.

Adjust your event to global event standards and get rid off traditional materials. Your attendees will love that solution.

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