Every event organizer tries to avoid any unexpected issues. They all put much effort into detailed planning and try to foresee any potential setbacks. In addition, attendees do not like surprises as well. Especially when such sudden incidents create chaos. That is why, it is best for all event managers to stick to the initial plan. However, the control level over the event usually minimizes, once it starts. Is this always true?



MANAGE SUDDEN CHANGESIt is often not possible to accomplish the full event plan. Organizers are sometimes forced to change their strategy. They may have to adjust to the reality and implement new solutions. Event apps are of great help under such circumstances. They are irreplaceable, as they guarantee flexibility. In addition, they are an efficient emergency communication channel. Thanks to this tool, planners are able to update their audience instantly. Moreover, all agenda changes are visible to the registered attendees with no extra click on their side. It is something that is not possible with printed materials. When organizers hand them out with an error or invalid data it cannot be taken back. Another usefull function are push notifications. Event planners may send them to all participants. It is especially recommended if the news is of huge importance.  INCREASE YOUR INCOMEIt is not always easy to attract sponsors. We have written a separate blog post with marvelous set of tips. You can check it here. If organizers are lucky, part of their budgets come from partners’ donations. Event planners can offer sponsors' brand visibility via posters, roll ups, logo exposure, lectures and leaflets. However, if you want your partner packages to be even more attractive you can make use of promotional in-app tools. There is lots of space for adverts and banners inside your app. It is simply a free commercial space. You can either offer it in exchange for donation or sell ad space to companies not included in your sponsor list. You can easily direct event app users to partners' websites and online shops. It is as tempting as it can get. Do not worry about your participants. You do not have to attack them with constant pop ups. You can always set the ad frequency rate. REDUCE ON-SITE STAFF NUMBERAttendees comfort is usually on the prority list. It has been proven that if attendees are well informed, they engage more and build stronger event community. You can either hire lots of on-site staff or create an effective communication channel. It is definitely less chaos with the latter one. You should always place indicators for people to find their way in the venue. Nevertheless, it is more problematic when you have more than one conference location. In such case in-app building plans, maps and navigation systems are of invaluable help. They assist attendees in timely check-in at different venues. What is the best thing about this app component? It is the fact that such assistance happens without involving any of your staff. Attendees have all answers under their palm in their private mobiles. They do not have to ask any questions. GET AUTOMATIC FEEDBACK AND REACTIt is recommended to gather all possibly important information on your target audience before the event. The more knowledge you have the better your plan is. However, it is sometimes hard to identify desirable event features and/or implement them. One of the best solutions are on-site surveys. By getting in-app feedback you are able to learn about any audience wishes with minimal effort. As you get statistics immediately, you are able to take further steps straight away. It is great that you do not have collect and analyze answers. You can focus on boosting your current participants’ positive experience. ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCEThe importance of this issue is often unappreciated. It happens that event planners think of an event as one-time experience. However, if you manage to build strong relationship with your audience, they will follow your next event announcements and recommend them to others. There are plenty of in-app solutions to build a community of dedicated attendees. As events are not only for getting new knowledge, you should provide networking tools. Some conferences are more about meeting new people and extending business opportunities. The ability to create focus group channels in your event app is very useful. This way your attendees are able to exchange opinions, write thought-provoking posts and engage into discussions. Another networking component is built-in messaging system. Participants can send personal messages to each other and schedule meetings. Here you can find more info on this app feature. In addition, the best event apps can also provide some fun for the users. One of such tools is an in-app photo booth. This is a great place to keep the best moments and share them with others. All attendees can take, share and ‘like’ photos.  SUMMARYAs you can see, you are not alone. An event app is able to help you get through urgent cases, solve many real-time issues and make your audience feel comfortable with minimal effort. As your attendees have all information in their phones, you can sit back and relax. Your participants are all set.

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