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The Event Box is a perfect tool for organizers. It allows to promote a given happening by embedding a simple feed of content from a Facebook Event Page into other websites.

It encourages potential participants to join your event by the use of social media power. Thanks to this plugin, when people visit your website they are able to see a current attendee list. How is it possible? It is simply integrated with a Facebook event data.

What are the benefits?

This plugin enables your webpage visitors to track what friends are attending. By clicking the ‘Join’ button in the Event Box they will be automatically redirected to a given Facebook event. They will see who is going to attend and who is still considering. In addition, they will also be able to invite friends to take part in this happening. As a result, it increases your promo outreach and attracts new participants.

See below how it looks:



How to install this plugin?

Choose the space on your website that fits Event Box’ goal best. Add our widget to your website and enjoy the new way of engaging your audience. Ask Meeting Application team to generate a unique code for your event. Once received, install this useful plugin.
Do not hesitate and do it now!


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