Place your event wisely:20 places

Each organizer or planner is very well aware of how important choosing a suitable location is for an event. However, the key factor in taking that decision is the type of event. Our tutorial will assist you in finding suitable places for the next conference or meeting.


What is the difference between a trade show and an exhibition, an exhibition and a gala, a gala and a board meeting, or a board meeting and a breakout session? We do not just show you the difference, but we also suggest the most appropriate places to organize these events.

We have to consider four basic factors about an event:

  • the person who organizes it
  • the people who participate in it
  • the occasion
  • the budget

So, let's start from the beginning :)

1. Conferences   hotel or conference center

ConferencesThe main characteristic of a conference is continuity. And that's because conferences are formal meetings with people who have common interests. This type of meeting usually lasts a few days; hence, there is a need to find a place with tourist accommodation and all the necessary facilities. See a list of the top 10 convention centres in Europe. The rest depends only on your financial capabilities and largely on the required equipment.

It seems obvious, therefore, to rent a hotel for a conference but the growing trend is ... hiring a ship for a "conference cruise".

2. Meetings – restaurant or somewhere on site

MeetingsBusiness meetings in large companies are the perfect opportunity to talk about plans and further business strategies. In this case, the most appropriate place will be somewhere that has audiovisual facilities and enough seats. Remember that it has to create an atmosphere suitable for business contacts.

3. Trade shows – exhibition halls in cities

Trade-ShowsA trade show is an exhibition mainly for people associated with a particular industry. They are typically organized to show interested parties specific products and services. Generally, trade shows are not open to the public, and admission to them is only for representatives of companies, the press, or a person authorized to do so. Because of their size, fairs are usually held in exhibition halls in cities (the location is very important).

4. Press conferences – somewhere accessible to journalists

Press-ConferencesUsually, companies convene press conferences to inform journalists about a new product, advertising, marketing or to apologize for an incident. When planning the space for a press conference, follow the principle that it must be easily accessible for journalists, preferably during the middle of the week.

5. Team-building events – wherever you want

Team-Builind-EventsWhen the heads of huge firms and companies look for the key to greater efficiency, productivity or the satisfaction of their employees, they need an immediate dose of motivation! Also needed are appropriate tasks that will turn your employees into a strong and most importantly good team. What's most important here is not a high budget because many kinds of activity can be performed only using your imagination. In the USA, the ropes course is very well-known. It involves walking on a rope several feet in the air, trusting that your colleagues will catch you when you fall. Scary :)

6. Board meetings – luxurious hotel or conference center

Board-MeetingsA board meeting is when the members of a board gather at one table. They meet to discuss strategic objectives and the plans of the company. This type of event is very prestigious, so every detail should indicate this, with a luxurious interior and an adequate number of tables in a square or U shape. Everything depends on the number of participants. Also remember that some of the people will come from far away (be sure to book them into a hotel).

7. Breakout sessions - conference room

Breakout-SessionBreakout sessions are generally understood to be relatively short sessions, where a small group of participants discuss specific topics or aspects of a broad main theme. These sessions can be conducted either on line or in conference rooms, which enable the free flow of conversation and communication. Social media are often used to ask questions and let participants propose topics for discussion.

8. Consumer shows – exhibition hall

Consumer-ShowsThere are many varieties of consumer show but their main purpose is to present products to new potential buyers. They are also used to exhibit new brands or prototypes that are not put into production. They are held in large confined spaces, which must be suitable for hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

9. Conventions – corporate office

ConvensionsA convention is a formal meeting of delegates of data businesses or companies, where they discuss activities and take action. Because of their intimacy, they often takes place in corporate offices.

10. Exhibitions – museum, gallery or somewhere interesting

ExhibitionsAn exhibition is a public display of art by an artist or author. Depending on the type of momentum, they occur in museums, art galleries or in original places (where convention allows).

11. Galas – hotel or … old factory

GalasGalas are social occasions of all kinds. They are often associated with important celebrations and events. Galas are often interspersed with numerous artistic performances. Here the convention is also arbitrary, because you can arrange a gala in either a hotel or somewhere such as an old factory.

12. Meetups – online meeting

MeetupsMeetups are regular meetings of people who share a common interest. These meetings are held using social media. This type of event is one of the youngest but also one of the cheapest ways of meeting.

13. Product launch events – from conference halls to management rooms

Product-Launch-EventsProduct launch events give people an opportunity to test and to see a product or service that is expected to enter the market. Depending on the type of product and the company budget, events of this type can take place in either a large conference hall or a management room. However, if you want to advertise your product right from the beginning, organize a public event, preferably in a city center.

14. Seminars – academic lecture hall

SeminarsSeminars are places where you learn new things: it is not true that someone stops learning when they leave school. During a seminar, participants will learn about a given topic. In contrast to lectures, the participants can actively participate in discussions on various topics. Seminars are organized mainly in academic lecture halls, but if we expect VIP guests we have to consider somewhere more prestigious.

15. Plenary sessions – conference room or open space

Plenary-SessionsPlenary sessions are the solemn and large opening gathering of a conference or other event. A plenary session usually takes place in a smaller room (often a conference room), where participants are welcomed face to face and presented with the main ideas or attractions.

16. Executive retreats – secluded location or luxury resort

Executive-RetreatsAn executive retreat is an escape and a prize for employees (usually, of large corporations). At the expense of the company they have an opportunity to rest, often in a luxurious coastal resort. But this is not what this type of event is about. The head or organizer should not allow this time to be wasted. Find new levels of motivation or ideas from the employees. You just have to want it. Therefore, when choosing a place, do not only look for comfort but also for suitable free time. It will be well worth it!

17. Networking events – somewhere informal, maybe a bar

Networking-EventsOrganizing a networking event can be an excellent way to gain recognition in a selected community and increase awareness of your services or products. As there are few people, this type of event can be entirely informal, and you can arrange them in a ... bar. It is worth remembering that many mobile applications provide opportunities for networking, which you can use to arrange such events.

18. Business dinners – a known good restaurant

Business-DinnersDo you want to celebrate the success of your company or do you want to converse in a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues? A business lunch is the best method. Depending on the number of people and the budget, book an appropriate number of tables in a restaurant or rent the whole place for a special occasion.

19. VIP events – somewhere with a cozy and friendly atmosphere

VIP-EventsIf you want to make your best customers feel appreciated by your company, organize an event just for them. Organize it in somewhere with a cozy atmosphere, to create a feeling of comfort where you can offer them your latest products or services that have not yet appeared on the market. Combine business with pleasure.

20. Shareholder meetings – a conference room or… the Bahamas

Shareholder-MeetingsShareholder meetings are annual events designed to discuss formalities, as well as to present marketing plans for the future. Such meetings are often held in conference rooms, but after completing the formalities at the end of the meeting, go for dinner in a good restaurant. In the USA, among larger companies it has become fashionable to organize this type of meeting in an exotic place, such as the Bahamas.

Tell us how you organize your events?

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