Portable & internet devices era

Technology is still developing. More and more mobile applications help a lot of people to use the Internet on the portable devices. Event organizers are considering how to use mobile technology to engage their attendees and delegates. The solution is quite simple – there are special mobile apps designed specially for events and conferences.

The mobile event app development experts usually work tirelessly to ensure somebody have an app. That gives attendees. They can expect an access to many information in the hand. Providers make apps for different kind of events. It can be a races, food & wine festivals, rock concerts  and many many more…

Mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. They can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play store. The Blackberry is available for a web-based version and the user can access the app for the computer, providing an Internet connection.

With the event app, users can access floor plans and exhibitor details. They can read information about sessions and meetings. Some applications allow to create personalized agenda – “My Schedule”. Then, they can receive real-time “Alerts” about upcoming events. The customers are can use the “Friends” feature. With mobile app the users are able to follow and join in event conversations: “Facebook” or “Twitter” feed is provided.

Sporting event apps take attendees in the action. They provide users instant information and news, updates and another notifications. A good example is CrowdTorch’s innovative sporting app: The Official Mobile App of Bristol Motor Speedway. It engages fans by using fun and new solutions.

The app provides interactive mapping helpful in finding seats in the parking. The driver’s pages include career highlights and links to the driver’s websites and Facebook or Twitter profiles. Bristol Motor Speedaway app offers prizes for people who participate it the event.

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