Generation Z – Events for this generation

The world of Internet and a mobile revolution we experience every day has changed the way we all think and act. However, it has influenced some individuals more than others.

Who am I speaking about? We call them Generation Z. Demographers and researchers typically use starting birth years that range from the mid-1990s to early 2000s. They are different from their older peers and influence event industry heavily.

How to organize events for Generation Z and succeed? It’s not a piece of cake, but it’s achievable with understanding and empathy. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Remember they live and communicate in a virtual world.

    First of all, make sure you have a reliable Internet source at the venue. Generation Z is constantly online. This aspect can actually have positive and negative results at the same time. If you manage to create interest and satisfy your audience, they will certainly make a friendly buzz in the social media. You should create surprising or amusing content and make it easy-to-share. This will boost your control over the Internet news. But what if you encounter difficulties? The key issue is to react quickly and manage change effectively. Stay in touch with your audience. Make use of your mobile app and remember to send notifications every time there is a program change, delay or emergency.
  2. Provide an online community for your event

    Generation Z lives in a dual reality – online and offline. They communicate via social media, forums and interest groups. Their smartphone keyboard is their second tongue. That is why you should create a social media event and invest into a mobile conference app. The next step is to engage your followers over there. Do not forget to prepare content that matches their communication style and interests. Be their friend and not a service provider. Use GIFs, videos, gamification, theme chats and dedicated photo overlays (similar to Snapchat function) in order to get to your audience. Comment on all interesting incidents in order to boost engagement. Let them feel they are part of your event community and that you care about them. Your efforts will be rewarded.
  3. Invest into young local or global celebrities.

    Generation Z is overflooded with info and Internet trash content. You need to attract their attention and keep them focused on here and now. Getting a celebrity campaign might be a successful solution. How to pick the right person? Generation Z idols are different from other famous personas. They are often very young and share their intimate stories on their YouTube channel. They often focus on regular life stories and their problems. It is not always about a special gift or abilities. Thanks to this, the border between an everyman and a star has blurred. Such celebrity will therefore bring missing friendliness factor before and during your event. You may hire a given vlogger as your event ambassador, speaker or session moderator. He or she will attract their fans and increase your attendance rate.
  4. Choose the right conference theme

    Nowadays, younger audience is not interested in activities popular among Generation X. A topic that matches their lifestyle is the e-sport. You can attract thousand of attendees if you organize championships in e.g. League of Legends or HearthStone. Professional computer gamers earn a lot of money and have million of fans. Z audience attends such events via two parallel realities – online and offline. Your promo outreach is therefore much bigger than usual. It may also be simpler to attract sponsors. Their target audience is there waiting for appealing content.

Remember that all these tips are relevant today. They may become outdated soon. Generation Z world is rushing and constantly evolving in the rhythm of a technological revolution. Make use of your influencer advice and audience feedback. They are often the most precious experts and a source of info on recent trends.

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