Festival App – A list of top must-have features for your staff

One of the core aim of film festivals is to gather the audience and industry experts under one roof in order to screen the selected category movies. Thanks to such initiatives all attendees can get lots of information about other cultures, social issues, and artistic values. 

Most festivals attract not only local people but also foreigners as they display films from various countries. As a result, guests from different destinations gather together and have a chance to exchange ideas.

Your utmost goal as an organizer would be to provide the best hospitality. Have a look below and check if your festival app has all top must-have features that make your staff efficient.

  1. Multiple admin accounts – It is always great to have the opportunity to enable your staff members to work on the festival app content simultaneously. One person may be uploading partner profiles while the other does the screening schedule. It can make app setup much easier. It also means that more than one employees may publish news or send push notifications. It is especially useful when you need to upload lots of new content within a tight deadline.
  2. Groups – This feature makes it possible to display different content and notifications to your attendees. No worries, you still have to manage one admin panel. Each component can be visible to all groups or only to a specific one. In other words, once an individual logs in, the app will recognize the account and display content depending on the attendee role at your event. You are also able to post targeted news and send personalized push notifications.
  3. Push notifications – There are 4 push types in total. The first one, namely ‘push-feed’ enables you to save message’s content automatically in the ‘News’ section. It is very useful as some users may disable push notifications from your app. Saving your notice under a fixed menu tab enables you to reach out to all attendees with one click with minimum effort. The second notification type is a ‘push-group’. It enables you to send messages only to a specific collection of attendees like VIP guests, event staff or delegates. The third type of push redirects recipients to the survey and the fourth one to the news component. Such notifications boost attendee click rate on this menu tab.
  4. News channel – Thanks to this dedicated wall of notices you can post important news with or without attractive graphic materials. Attendees do not have to go to your website, Twitter or Facebook in order to collect recent updates. You can publish all posts on this one in-app wall and integrate your social media channels. The posts will be dropped here immediately.
  5. Intuitive admin panel – Sounds obvious but software is very different in regard to a friendly layout and UX. It is good to choose one that you find easy to work on. You should be able to do the settings and upload content without any assistance. If that’s the case, it is the tool for you. Once you want to polish your design and content some advice from the provider’s company expert might be of value. However, relying on others should not be a necessity but an extra comfort.
  6. Real-time changes – It is one of the core advantages of the app over paper materials. In case you find a mistake, misspelling or there is a content change you can update it in the admin panel. Amends are visible on audience smartphones within minutes. It takes lots of your burden and stresses away. Another benefit is money saving. In case there’s a change in the programme you do not have to print any new materials. You simply minimize misinformation risk with festival apps.
  7. Q&A – Your festival app may be used as a Q&A channel as well. You are able to exchange private messages with attendees and answer their queries. There is also an option to create a list of FAQs with replies so that you don’t have to end up answering the same questions all the time. Such list can be updated regularly.
  8. Surveys/Quizzes/FeedbackPaper question forms are over. The app can now conduct surveys on your behalf, collect answers and prepare a final report with statistics. All of this can be done before, during or after your event. It makes surveys, quizzes and feedback forms more efficient and effortless for both parties.
  9. Live voting – I guess you might have an audience award during your festival. Your festival app makes it real-time and more fun. If you wish, people can follow results on their smartphones. You can also display them on the big screen. It all depends on your choice and voting procedure. If you prefer secret voting, the results may be hidden from audience till the time you decide to go public.
  10. In-app sponsor packages – just like in a case of paper materials, you can offer sponsor packages inside the app. What are the options? Here’s a list of most wanted options: the welcome screen add when app is loading (1-4 seconds depending on the smartphone); a partner’s logo on the main screen at the bottom of your festival image; a message on the chat channel; a post on news channel; a push notification; a quiz under your sponsor name. You should adjust these options to your sponsors’ preferences.

This is the 1st part of the article devoted to film festival apps.

In Part 2 I will focus on most desired functions by your audience.

p.s. Feel free to comment. We are always happy to discuss further and exchange experiences.

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