Each conference demands lots of different event content including infographics, social media posts, videos and other graphic news. It often happens that you have to prepare lots of visual materials on your own. It can be a challenge due to tight deadline, demanding client and lots of cost-effective resources. Are there any free and intuitive tools that can help you prepare event content quickly and in a professional way?

This short list should satisfy you even if you are not a tech-savvy person. All of the enlisted tools are free but priceless:

1. Expert quote maker – Recite
Posts with quotes are one of the most commonly shared posts. That is why it is good to choose best expert lines and publish them on your social media channels during and after an event. It will help you make some Internet buzz easily.


2. Free photo stock Pixabay , Picjumbo, Pexels
There are plenty of free photo websites.  However, you should remeber to choose the ones with a CCo license. Then you do not have worry about the copyright. The other thing is that you would probably need to use more than one source. Number of pictures under one keyword is low.


3. A video maker with no pro skillsStupeflix
This is often the biggest challenge when it comes to event content. If you are lucky enough you have a special team to cover this for you. What if you have to do it on your own? You can try Stupeflix. It is very intuitive and surprisingly gives you lots of options to choose from.


4. A gif makerGifmaker
This is a very easy way to engage your audience. The fun element might be really entertaining for your attendees and make them feel comfortable during your event. There are plenty of tools to choose from. My favorite one is Gifmaker. You only need to upload photos and check the instant preview before the official release. Then you click a ‘download’ button. 



5. InfographicsPiktochart
You usually want to show some statistics after your event. If you have lots of data the best idea is to put then all in one infographic. It helps you to organize information in a logical way. Piktochart has brilliant templates to choose from.


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