Geolocation – how to use it?

There has been a lot of buzz on the Web regarding apps using geolocation. It’s definitely on the rise. Some people are already rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of new way to follow their spouse. Other want to know where their children are at every minute of every day. Teenagers have a new way of knowing, where exactly their “besties” are at the shopping mall.

But what if I told you that there is a better way to utilize this new geolocating trend? And it’s not a new toy for kids to play hide and seek with… how about using geolocation during your conference. For what? For making it interesting, social and adventurous.

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A lot has been said already about getting attendees involved during a conference. Asking them questions, making quizzes and so on.. But  if people in your audience are using mobile conference applications, especially unique conference app that utilizes GPS and geolocation, there are countless ways to make your conference better and more interactive.

Imagine that you’re attending a conference, where every speaker is making a presentation, and during this presentation you need to find some presentation-related materials hidden in the area. Or that his/hers presentation ends with a quest for selected teams to accomplish.

druga wersja geolocalizationFor example the speaker is adding a POI on the map, that you can access via your mobile conference application. When you get to that POI, there’s another clue that you have to solve using the knowledge acquired during his/hers presentation. And then another clue and the next and so on. It’s a great team-building exercise and it gives a chance to test new skills and use the information gathered during a conference.

Geolocation in your event application can be used for more than those types of team-building games. It’s a great way to promote the sponsors. You mention a company which contributed to making your conference possible and simultaneously you put location of the local branch of this company on Maps module in the mobile app.

Now it’s time for the most obvious, classical use of the geolocation feature. You can simply show people, where the conference takes place or where they can eat something during the break. If you’re using a conference schedule app you can simply show every attendee, when and where they should be.

Now it’s time for the standard question at this point “why do I need to do that? People are organizing conferences for decades and it was always enough to just put a little map on the invitation and everything was dandy…” And you’re right on that point.

But people used to ride horses or carriages and then someone invented a motor engine, a car was created and now I don’t see many cowboys galloping to work on their stallions ;)) Conclusion is fairly simple… Some guys and gals make a new and smart conference app that utilizes geolocation so that other guys and gals could make their conferences unique and amazing.

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