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As organizers of various types of events or conferences you certainly know how important it is to reward the participants and the audience. Thus, the question remains how to inform them about the winning during your event. How make it most effectively? Use of the phone and an application that supports push notifications seems to be great idea!

I do not need to convince you of course, in this note, the important role played by giving prizes to participants of your conferences. Participant motivation to action, positive associations with that brand or organizer, or the desire to participate once again in the event, these and other positive aspects of rewarding participants are at hand.

Once you have this knowledge, a fundamental question arises: how to pass a selected participant a message about receiving the award? Modern technology will make you do it in a different, innovative way than to transfer it to him personally (it is enough that you have the iOS or android app for conferences).

Organizing a conference or an event that will be served by special conference application, you can use innovation in notifying its users. I am obviously thinking of push notifications. What you first need to know is what really a PUSH is, and how it works at all.

Push Notification is a way for an app to send information to your phone: via a badge, alert, or pop up message, even when the app is not in use. In case od conference applications participant will receive a notification about receiving the award on the smartphone, even if its application is not enabled. Sufficient that push will be launched.

Forget the traditional ways of giving awards! These days, apps are smart enough to send participants the notifications that there’s something that they need to check.

But why do we uses PUSH notifications?

  • Firstly, it is worth to modernize conferences or events. Hold in memory of the participants, not only due to the fact that you gave them the reward, but also through the way you did it. By providing this information through applications the person concerned actually feel honored. What is more, he/she will certainly want to share it later on Facebook or on Twitter.
  • Another argument for, should be obviously the fact that your event or conference significantly improves and you will be “steer” it, only by phone. This is a reasonable solution, especially while the greater number of people attend.


Give prizes to your participants, what is more give prizes by the PUSH notifications and you'll find that it was worth it.

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