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Ok ok.. I’ll admit, this topic sounds a little bit weird right? But I assure you I’m not completely bananas and I hope to prove that point to you over the next couple of minutes. First of all try to think some good analogy for a mobile conference application. It’s not that simple.

You have to take into consideration all of the features that this conference app possesses. I must confess I’m not much of a poet but I know a great deal about sports. Especially team sports. I play basketball since I was a kid. On the basketball court there is only one absolute truth – the better team wins.

That’s how I came up with the analogy. Because when I use a great mobile application for events or some other conference networking tool I imagine seeing a great basketball team, where everyone has a purpose and works very hard to be the best. A great event mobile app or any other mobile application needs to accommodate various functions in an one cohesive interface.

Now the question is, what can make a mobile app special?

If you’re a software developer you ask yourself again and again “how can I make a unique conference app?”, “what’ll make my special event application stand out?”.

This is where the second part of our topic comes up. The app is only as good as it’s worst function 😉 It’s the same in basketball, football and even cricket. A team is only as good as it’s worst player. That’s why in a good mobile app only the best skills meet. Even Jordan wouldn’t have won all those rings if it wasn’t for Pippen, Rodman or Kukoc. There’s a popular saying “there’s no I in TEAM”. Everybody also know about the chain and the weakest link… The same goes for mobile apps.

Now let me ask you a question. If you download some great new application on your smarphone, this application is almost flawless. It pleases you almost completely, but it has one single flaw. Will you tell your friends “hey guys check this app I’ve downloaded, it’s perfect for me…” or will you say “hey guys I’m pretty bummed out, I found application that’s pretty good, but there’s one problem with it that drives me crazy…”.

I guess it would be the second line. Why? Because people in general loooove to complain. If you’re happy with food in some new restaurant in your town – you’ll tell five people about it. If you’re unhappy and the food was gross – you’ll tell 50 people from your neighbor to your drinking buddy…

So it doesn’t really matter if you put one outstanding feature in your android app for conferences if two other are lame. In a good mobile app everything has to click. That’s why there’s always room for improvement. Even the famous “Angry Birds” are updated once in a while to add more features and correct errors. That brings us to another part of developing a good mobile app.

Never think that your product is perfect. Just like in sports. You can never be sure of your dominance. Just when you think that nobody will beat you, somebody will by just working harder and giving one’s best. Like I’ve wrote on the beginning – best conference application needs to be like the best basketball team, constantly working hard to improve. Constantly bringing the best skills to the table. Never satisfied with second place.

To sum up – a good mobile application has to be complete. Every feature needs to be considered. Only when you achieve harmony like in a good choir you may call your product finished. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen instantly. Sometimes it take a lot of work to form a great team from a (just) good one.

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