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Guest posting guidelines

We’ve created our blog for event professionals all over the globe. Our mission is to help our readers, make their jobs easier, and make them stay up to date with event industry.If you would like to share your experience in the field of event strategy, event management, event marketing, event engagement, event business or simply inspire your colleagues with a story about your event success, you’re in the right place. 

Things to remember

  • make sure the article has a proper structure - an introduction, body, and conclusion,
  • use real-life examples that our audience can relate to,
  • all the facts and data should be backed by an authoritative study or research,
  • make sure that your article is at least 700 words long,
  • send us a video or graphic you would like to be included in the article. You have to have the right to use it (or it should be on CC0 license).
  • avoid being salesy. Blatant self-promotion will be rejected.

Using links

You can use maximum two dofollow backlinks leading to your website (preferably to a blog or a blog post) and more backlinks leading to external sources, but we reserve the right to remove them or set a nofollow parameter. Don’t use exact match anchor text. It should look natural, otherwise, we will correct it or remove that link entirely. 

Steps to go

  1. Suggest 3 topics with a short description of each of them.
  2. After the topic is settled, prepare a draft of the article in Google Docs and share the link with us with the permission to comment.
  3. If any editing is needed, it happens now on our side.
  4. The article is ready and we let you know when we will publish it.

Submitting the post

If our guidelines didn’t discourage you and you still would like to contribute to our blog, please contact us at tomek(at)meetingapplication.com.

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