Event Apps are cool! How to convince your boss or client about it?

Changing someone’s mind about technology or any other concept is extremely hard. If your boss or client is not tech-savvy, it means you have to be really tactful with technology and in this case with event apps. You do not want to sound patronizing. The best way to start is to find the right time and prepare a detailed plan. It may be a longer process than you expect as you cannot be too pushy. Your role is to show an alternative to current solution and prove it may be beneficial for a given company.

These are a couple of useful suggestions on how to persuade your boss or client that event apps are cool and not that scary.

Learn as much as you can about the event apps

Start by collecting knowledge on the app types, prices and try to find the 3 top solutions that suit your needs. In order to choose the best tools check out their product demos. They usually have a sample event inside so you can test everything instantly. When choosing think about a friendly design, useful features and flexibility. It is always a good idea to personalise a custom app so that it feels like your company’s or client’s dedicated solution.

Having your list, confront it with independent review sites like Get2 Crowd. You may find real customer opinions.

Get in touch with top 3 app providers

Now it’s the right time to consult your picture of a given app with reality. Contact the 3 chosen companies and ask for product presentations, any additional info and the app features. Gather as much knowledge as possible. It may be a quicker process for both parties if you are open to arrange a video tutorial. A friendly chat is always the fastest way to get a full idea of service, support and the product itself. A professional salesperson will be able to advise according to your needs and help you choose the most cost-effective cooperation model. You can always create an individual offer that lifts up to you boss or client’s expectations. Make a list of all pros and cons of a given solution.

Present a sample app and support it with some case studies

Once you feel confident about event apps, wait for the best time to touch upon this topic. Make a tiny hint and wait till the other party swallows the bait. Then, try to arrange a 1-hour meeting devoted to your research on event apps. Make sure you have a real app you can show. Try to support it with authentic case studies. Show that many competitors make use of event apps and the audience likes it. Remember that, pictures speak louder than words. Pssst.. you can get the trial app here.

Prove that a conference app can boost service quality

Event apps have lots of benefits. They are often all-in-one solutions. In other words, they make event management easier as they provide an intuitive registration system, automatic check-in, up-to-date content and multi-channel communication system. It is all done via attendees’ smartphones – the most frequently used tech device making their life easier every day. People are used to search for info via their mobiles. Why should organizers fight that.  In other words, mobile conference apps give you a chance to be closer to your audience and adjust to their preferences.

Tell about all pros and cons

Try to think of all advantages and drawback. Do not strain from any cons. This will make you sound professional and well prepared. As a result, the your partner will perceive you as honest and good-willed advisor. Try to discuss all disadvantages first. Then proceed to all pros. This sequence leaves your boss or client with the positive impression. Lastly, do not forget about listening to the other party fears or objections. They all should be addressed to.

Give everybody time time for consideration but remember to send a follow-up.

Arrange a meeting or video call with an expert

In case you succeed and get a green light, you will need to plan further steps. My advice is to let the experienced expert step in. Try to arrange a meeting or a video call with the app provider’s representative and the decison-maker. Direct contact gives everybody the opportunity to ask questions and get their answers asap. It also allows both parties to learn more about each other expectations and a way of doing business. In addition, always remember to set the agenda for such chat. A mutually agreed plan makes the meeting more fruitful and precise.

To sum up, be prepared for a time-consuming process. Technological changes need to be conducted with care and good sense. Hurry is no man’s cattle.

Would you like to convince your client or boss to event app? Share with them our client Raindance Film Festival case study.

Raindance film festival success story with Meeting Application

Case Study

Getting an event app doesn’t have to be a cost at all. It can and is a benefit that adds tremendous value to your event. First, by providing your guests with a useful too and second, by giving your sponsors a much better exposure.


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