How to engage audience with the right conference application?

You must have thought about a wise way to measure conference success many times. Is it the earned quota, breathtaking lectures, number of attendees or maybe nice feedback? I do not know what is the best answer. However, I know for sure, it is not just the size, quality or money that matters.  The degree of involvement of the public is crucial. If your attendees are fully engaged, the conference becomes more personal. As a result, people are more likely to come back in future and join your next event. I guess it is very important to you. How can mobile conference application help you achieve your goal?


Mobile apps are perfect tools to check, analyze and boost participants’ involvement. In order to succeed you need to take certain steps before, during and after the event.


Participants can be involved before the event thanks to the the modern tech solutions. Event organizers can make attendees engaged by using their selected event app before the opening day. How is this possible? We are spending twice as much time online compared to 10 years ago. That is why, you should integrate your social media channels with your event app. This will be the most natural way for people to join an event app community. Next, once your agenda is set and the content is uploaded it is the best time to involve your audience. Let them add extra value to your app. Make sure they can create their professional accounts, check other attendees and talk to each other. It is also nice to set theme discussion channels. This will create the feeling of belonging to a certain group and encourage people to communicate. In addition, organize a check-in contest. The best conference apps have such functionality. Everyone knows that people like getting prizes. This competition is based on interactive maps and navigation systems.


Do not forget to say hello to your attendees when your event begins. Write a friendly welcoming post in the news section and send push-notifications. They redirect participants to your message automatically. Most event apps have such functionalities. Moreover, I bet you have tried hard to get the best speakers. That is why, they deserve to have nice profiles with photos, descriptions and contact details. It will make them shine. Remember to choose an app that has an option to send questions to your performers. You will give your audience a unique chance to confront their ideas with real experts. Last but not least, ask your audience for feedback. Show them that their opinion is of huge importance to you. Make in-app surveys during the event and analyze answers. Maybe there is still some area that needs improvements. Stats are visible at once and therefore they enable you to react quickly. You can read about it here.


After the event you can analyze all data. It will show you which app content was the most interesting to your attendees. Such statisitcs tell you more about audience preferences than any scientific research. You will be able to check whose lecture was most popular, what news and speakers were most appealing and which app functionalities were important to your attendees. Such data will make you plan similar events in a more effective way. Lastly, as you have learned something about your participants you should make the best customised goodbye message ever. Give them content they wait for. Promise they will be first to learn about the upcoming events. Do not forget to write news that will trigger post-conference involvement.

To sum up, gather all information about your audience. Find the most compelling speakers and buzz topics that live up to their expectations. Think outside the box and surprise your attendees. In addition, make your event shine by implementing intuitive and useful tech solutions. This blog post proves that there is a huge potential in the event app functionalities. One of them is the ability to place your audience “in” and not just “by”.

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